Infinity Gaming 2.0 - Business Application Bayside Rew&Ride Mechanic

Infinity Gaming 2.0 - Business Application Format

The following is a private out-of-character business application. Information contained within this business application is NOT permitted for in-character use.

Ownership Information:

Primary Owner Information (Full name, link to character biography, discord username, steam profile link):

Business Outline & Proposal:

Provide a brief description of the in-game business you propose to open:

  • I am looking at opening a Mechanic up in Paleto Bay where anyone can bring their vehicles for a repair, upgrades and a new look and create amazing partnership with other businesses and bring lots of RP.

Outline your short-term and long-term goals for the business. What are your long-term aspirations for your in-game business, and how do you see it evolving over an extended period? How will you handle challenges or periods of lower activity without compromising the quality of your roleplay? How do you anticipate your business evolving over time to stay relevant and exciting?:

  • My short term goal is to because well known within the city and be able to have people come to my shop with full trust and ensure they can rely on us to help them with their needs. My long term goal is to become a partner with 1 or more other businesses and have my business grow to be the most popular mechanic there is around with having services from in house to call outs anywhere someone needs. I also plan to have it as a place for events to be held on a regular basis.

What unique roleplay aspects or services will your business offer to enhance the overall server experience? Are there any unique or innovative features you plan to introduce with your business that haven’t been explored in the server before?:

  • I aim to have services such as call out repairs, in house repairs and customization. The three things I would love to implement that I haven’t seen before in IG is being able to preorder customizations for customers, have a storage area for customers when we are busy to be able to get to their vehicle later and giving them a call to say it’s ready and finally I want to implement a time schedule for customers who wish to have their vehicles fixed/ upgraded with a time that best suits them.

Describe how your business will engage with in-game customers. What kind of customer service roleplay can players expect? How will you handle customer feedback, complaints, and suggestions? Can you provide examples of roleplay scenarios that showcase the depth and authenticity of your business operations?:

  • I am to bring my staff up to being able to greet players as soon as they arrive to our shop and get to know the customer to build a good relationship with them and be able to have players come to us when they need help with the trust we build. With any and all feedback, complaints, etc. I aim to make a dedicated channel in our discord where we can place what the customers have said and build off what they advise us.


  • A customer has just pulled into the driveway and parked in front of the garage doors. Robert has walked outside and introduced himself to the customer and welcomed the customer to the shop. Robert has asked what his name was and found it to be John. Robert showed John around the place and introduced him to the team and proceeded to offer him a beverage. They walked outside and Robert then proceeded to ask how he could assist John.

Outline your strategies for marketing and advertising your business within the server. Can you propose any unique or creative in-game marketing campaigns to attract attention to your business? How do you plan to keep your business fresh and engaging for players over time? How do you plan to attract and retain customers within the roleplay environment? How do you plan to actively contribute to the server community beyond your business operations?:

  • For marketing and advertising our business, we plan to run advertisements every 2-3 hours to inform the public that we are open. Every week or two, we will offer discounts on all vehicle types to attract customers to our dealership. We will hold events every month or two where customers can win a full free car upgrade, ensuring they enjoy their newly upgraded vehicle and leave satisfied.

Are there opportunities for collaboration with other in-game businesses? If yes, how do you envision these partnerships?:

  • I have a vision to partner with dealerships and other businesses and be able to offer vehicle upgrade vouchers at all different values and also have discounts for our partners as a courtesy deal. I also plan to be able to have and hold events with other businesses with our carpark at our shop.

Are you aware of all server-specific rules and regulations related to in-game businesses that you need to adhere to? How will you ensure that your business operations align with both server rules and the in-game legal framework?:

  • I am aware of all the server-specific rules and regulations and I will double check all the information I need fortnightly to monthly. I will also regularly have meetings with all my staff and discuss the rules and regulations that have been set and make sure everyone including myself are upholding everything.

Business Development Information:

What do you believe is required from the development team for your business to operate?:

  • Implement lockable doors out the front and back so no one can enter the building without a work available. I would also need the coding/ script to be added and I don’t know much about how to do that stuff. (Happy to pay if you want to buy a script)

If applicable, do you have a location for the business to operate out of? Is there a custom map or default in-game location in which you’d like to use?:

  • The business will be located at the construction yard in Paleto Bay next to the truck stop. A custom MLO will need to be implemented and I will organize payment of the MLO which I have attached the showcase video for.

If applicable, is there a business logo you wish to use? Do you have the copyright permission to use such logo?:

  • The business will have a logo when buying the MLO, I will have full copyright over it.

If applicable, provide your business ranking structure with #1 being the highest job role within the business:

  • Role Name: Owner (Robert Myers)
  • Role Description: The owner of the business
  • Role Permissions: boss menu, society fund access, ability to hire employees, ability to promote or fire employees. (Full business access)
  • Role Name: Co-Owner (Jesse Suraya)
  • Role Description: The Co-Owner of the business
  • Role Permissions: boss menu, society fund access, ability to hire employees, ability to promote or fire employees. (Full business access)
  • Role Name: Head Mechanic (Finnigan Machino)
  • Role Description: Has reached the administrative stage of the business.
  • Role Permissions: Can higher and fire people, and promote people up to Senior Mechanic, and has access to use society funds but only with permission from the owner and co-owner.
  • Role Name: Senior Mechanic
  • Role Description: Has been promoted past the beginner stages of the business. Getting ready for higher authority.
  • Role Permissions: Has the ability to hire new mechanics under the supervision of a head mechanic. Can work on cars and send bills without higher permission.
  • Role Name: Qualified Mechanic
  • Role Description: Has received their second promotion in the business and can work on vehicles and send bills without higher permission.
  • Role Permissions: Has permission to work on cars, authorize the work of a first and second year mechanics.
  • Role Name: 2nd Year Mechanic
  • Role Description: has achieved the first promotion to the business
  • Role Permissions: Has permission to work on cars and send customers the bill but only when a qualified mechanic or higher is available or has a look at the spread sheets before the completion of work.
  • Role Name: 1st Year Mechanic
  • Role Description: Brand new mechanic to the business
  • Role Permissions: Has permission to work on cars and send customers the bill but only when a qualified mechanic or higher is available or has a look at the spread sheets before the completion of work.

Your application is currently under review. You will receive and answer once Developers and Business Management have reviewed.

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