Vybe | NPC + K9 Application | 25/09/23

  • Most known by name:

  • Steam profile link.
    Steam Community :: vybe 🪐

  • Discord Name & Tag.

  • Age?

  • Do you have any active warning or previous bans?
    Nothing at all.

  • How long have you been apart of our community & played on our FiveM server?

I’ve been apart of the community for over a year.

  • How known are you on a scale of 1-10?
    7-8 / 10
  • How will you use the Whitelisted Role to improve roleplay within the server?

I take roleplay extremely seriously and by receiving the whitelisted role, i’d seize the opportunity to build relationships with people, enhance passive (non-hostile) roleplay as well as create content consumable by all individuals.

  • Do you understand Animals do not speak English (or any other language for that matter) and will only be responsive to commands. I.E they shouldn’t be able to be instructed through a sentence only singular words and tone, And can only respond via Barking or other animalistic sounds. (You can use soundboards for barks ect)

Yes. I would utilise soundboards with realistic sounds to enhance roleplay. I would also use relationships and trust built in character to determine who would be able to instruct my character.

  • Do you understand the the Whitelisted Role can be removed without warning for misuse/abuse?


  • Do you understand that having a Whitelisted character means you are expected to have the highest standard of roleplay?

Yes. Additionally, my staff position and high ranking PD character hold me to a high standard regardless.

  • Do you understand that this is currently WORK IN PROGRESS and therefore you will have to maintain patience with the system?

Yes. I’m also committed to having a clear path of communication with the right staff/community members to ensure that the NPC system continues to work.

  • What character slot will you use for your Animal Ped? (it must be a clear slot)

4 or 5

  • What will the character’s name Be?

The character’s name will be Diesel Vybe.

  • What will the character’s MODEL be? (Models can be found here - Not all models displayed are available)

I’m unsure what the in-city spawncode for the police K9 dog is. However, if it is not available then preferably (a_c_rottweiler) or other dog models.

  • What do you plan for your character (K9 Unit, Stray dog, ect)?

I plan for my character to be a prominent K9 figure within the NSWPF. I plan for my character to be taught K9 duties and be trained. I also plan on having my dog character be able to sniff out explosives and drugs. Also, i plan for the dog to be a positive community element for the NSWPF and inspire other dogs/people to apply for the NSWPF.

  • What has your character been through thus far? (Police Dog Training, Past Owners, Ect)

Diesel was raised on a small farm in regional Sandy Shores. Diesel was originally trained to herd livestock as well as be a general guard dog for the farm and its family of 4. In terms of guarding, Diesel was tasked with protecting the livestock because no good hunters were bringing their brickades onto the farm and stealing the livestock so that they could sell the meat for a profit. After years of this happening Diesel’s small farm family could no longer afford feeding Diesel and keeping livestock. Diesel’s owners needed to find a safe home for him and spent months looking for the right people. It wasn’t until a flyer for the Dog unit at the NSWPF reached the farm owners’ doorstep. The farm family had extended family within the police force such as Sergeant Peter Vybe and had only heard good things from him. Peter Vybe then decided to adopt Diesel and take him to the dog unit where Diesel is awaiting approval for duties.