Vossi Ban Appeal

  • In Game Name(s) or Most Known By Name:
    Stez Munch
  • Steam Profile Link:
    Steam Community :: VOSSi
  • Steam Name:
  • Discord Name:
  • Who Banned You?:
  • Length Of Ban:
  • Reason Of The Ban:
    Mass VDM
  • Why Should We Unban You?:
    I believe that I was not trolling and I believe my ban was unjustified due to my clean history record before the incident took place. The reason I VDMed the person I did at the hospital was an act of self defence against him because he shot at me 3 minutes before I was banned. I used my car as a weapon to defend myself and it was the only thing I could do at the time. I also dont believe it was “Mass VDM” because I was only trying to run over the person who shot at me.
  • Screenshot Of Ban Message:

Appeal has been denied.
You may re-appeal in 14 days time if you so wish.