SkippyAU - Staff Application

  • Username: SkippyAU

  • Steam profile link: Steam Community :: SkippyAU

  • Discord: skippyau.

  • Age (Min 16): 18

  • Do you have any active warning or previous bans?

No, I do not have any recent warnings or bans, however I have received a combat logging ban a very long time ago. Since then I have not received another ban or warning.

  • Do you have a problem with any of our current staff members?

No, I don’t have any problems with the current Infinity Gaming Staff Community. The staff team has helped me so much with my experiences within the community, and I also appreciate how the staff team respects everyone, regardless of who they are. If a problem were to occur, I would take note of it.

  • How long have you been apart of our community & played on our FiveM server?

I joined the Infinity Gaming Community Back In 2021, I’m Currently Unsure Of The Date, But I Just Previously Rejoined The Community Back On November 5th, 2022, And Have Enjoyed It Since.

P.s First time I joined was on a different account to my account I have today.

  • Have you maintained a staff position in another Community?

Yes, I have maintained a staff position in another community called OzzyGaming. I started off there as a FiveM support team member and gradually worked my way up to FiveM administrator. During my time working for the OzzyGaming FiveM staff team, I came across many challenges, including dealing with rule-breakers, responding to support tickets ranging from general support to ban appeals, handling technical issues such as helping people join the server when receiving an error, and maintaining a positive player experience, handling DDoS threats, and of course modders.

  • How known are you on a scale of 1-10?

5-6 Mostly known of EMS

  • Do you believe you’re able to deal with individuals such as Friend’s, Org Members & Staff Members etc in a completely unbiased manner?

Yes 100%, No matter if they were family, friends or even other staff members. My job as a staff member is to moderate a community to make sure it is fair and enjoyable for everyone. So treating everyone equally is one of the biggest things within a staff position. Within my past experience as being a FiveM staff member there has been times I have had to deal with my own friends breaking community guidelines and server rules. Of course being Bias is a big “NO” “NO”, so what was needed to happen had to happen, that’s why there are server rules in place for a reason, so they had to be followed no matter who they are.

  • Why do you think you should become a staff member?

I think I would be a great fit within the staff team for many reasons, those reasons are, I have previous staff experience within another community for quite awhile dealing with a lot of situations such as dealing with ban appeals, troubleshooting problems, managing org situations, handling DDoS threats, modders, and Support Tickets. Of course, there were also the Danny’s as well that loved wrecking peoples experiences. The second reason would be due to having a previous experience I have a little more understanding than a person who has not had any experience at all being a staff member of a community. I’m also very active when I am apart of a community that I staff for so that will be a bonus to the community.

  • Why should you be chosen over other candidates?

Why I think I should be chosen than other candidates is that, as I said before I have maintained a staff position in another community for quite sometime, therefore I will have more experience than others that will not have any at all. I also can show many skills such as Teamwork, Patience, Empathy, Problem Solving, Effective Communication, Adaptability and also Leadership. I will also make sure I provide as much effort I can to help keep the community safe and enjoyable for everyone.

  • How available are you to do staffing duties throughout the week and what is your availability?

I have provided the times I can start my staffing duties

Monday - 5pm Till 10-11pm
Tuesday - 2pm till 10-11pm
Wednesday - 5pm Till 10-11pm
Thursday - 2pm till 10-11pm
Friday - 5pm Till 3-4am
Saturday - 8am Till 12-3am
Sunday - 7-8am till 10-11pm

Public Holidays and Holidays - Like 7-8am Till 3-4am

Please keep in mind times could be longer all depends on my work.

  • Do you understand that as a staff member, you are not above and or better than anyone else in roleplay and within the Community?

Yes, 100%

  • Do you understand that as a Staff Member you will be looked upon in the Community as a role-model & you are at all times to be setting an example for newer and current players within the server whether it’s IC or OOC?

Yes, I do understand.

  • Do you also understand, you are NOT to use powers to benefit yourself or your peers in any way, shape or form?

Yes, 100% That is a Big “NO” “NO”

  • **List at least five rulebreaches, give an example of the rulebreach and explain the punishment that you believe should be given. **

Below are 5 Rule breaches with my examples and punishments

1st) Exploiting - Exploiting can be used in many ways, some ways it can be used for is, if you can go through a wall where no one else can see you, but you can see them, Duplication of in-game items and also another one could be using the sit emote and then canceling it which allowed you to go through a wall.

Punishment - It all depends on how serious the situation is, and how bad the players history of bans/warnings is. If the person has never done anything wrong and its there first offence I would go with a warning and let them know it is to not happen again. How ever if it more serious things like Duplicating I would personally give them a ban between 3 month to a Perma all depending on the outcome of the situation.

2nd) Metagaming - Metagaming is something you use that will gain an unfair advantage for other players, an example of metagaming could be used in multiple way. One example could be watching a mates screen share in discord showing you the location of them if they have been kidnapped by other players. another example could be watching a person livestreaming a robbery of a bank while you are the police officer and knowing all there plans of what they are going to do ect.

Punishment - With this if the player has no recent bans/warnings I would give them a Warning for there first offence and tell them it is to not happen again. If it is there second offence I would give them a 4 day ban.

3rd) Doxing - Doxing can be a very major thing to peoples privacy if that is to ever happen to someone in a community. Doxing is if someone leaks private information about someone in the community weather it can be their address, photos, IP address or even their social media account.

Punishment - This would be a Permanent ban as it will allow the safety of the person who has been doxed in the community.

4th) RDM - RDM is something that occurs a lot in communities, it is where someone will just randomly run you over for no absolute reason just for the fun of it.

Punishment - If its only a minor RDM and the player has a clean record I would give them a warning, however if the player ran over a lot of people I would give them a 3 day ban .

5th) New Life Rule - NLR Is if say someone dies and cannot be revived from ems, they respawn and still remembered how they died is counted as breaking the NLR. it can also happen if you die and respawn but then go back to the scene of the incident straight after respawning.

Punishment - What punishment I would give for this rule would be depending on the history of bans/warnings and how severe the rule breach was. if they were new and had nothing on their history I would be giving them a warning, but if the person has had previous bans/warnings I would be placing a 3 day ban or possible 1 week ban. at the end of the day it depends on how every community deals with bans as all communities deal with them differently.

  • If any, what level of understanding do you have of txAdmin? Have you used it previously?

I don’t think I have used txAdmin as the server I was a previous staff in had there own admin menu.

  • A user is RDMing and insulting other users. You are the only staff available to deal with the situation. What do you do?

If I was the only staff member online to deal with the situation, what I would do first is assess and investigate the situation. Once it has played out I would then approach the people who was involved in the situation and ask for as much evidence as possible, so I am able to get a view of everyone else else side. once everyone has sent me footage I would carefully review all the submissions to determine whether the person who committed the rule breach had a valid reason for their actions or not. once looking at the footage I will then proceed to talk to the individual involved and ask him why he has done what he did to get his side of the story. if he tells me he did it because he wanted to and had no reason at all what I would then let him know he will be receiving a ban/warning depending on his previous history of bans/warnings.

If players involved had died & respawned, I will then compensate them as I have had enough evidence to prove it was deliberately done. if players were still dead but haven’t respawned, I will then revive them so they can continue there roleplay.

  • There is a large gathering of players in Legion Square. A user decided to drive his phantom straight into Legion Square and run over as many players as possible. What rules have been broken and how do you deal with the situation?

The rules that have been broken in this situation is MASS VDM, No Intent To Roleplay, Trolling ECT

If I seen the situation occur while spectating players what I would do is then straight away PERMA Ban the individual involved as it clearly shows they have NITRP and also MASS VDM’ed people deliberately while also in a local vehicle (Truck). I will then check kill logs from that player and revive all players that were involved, if some respawned I will then compensate them all there items back accordingly.

  • A user has threatened to DDOS and take down the server. What do you do? Who would you contact?

If I have seen a user that has Threatened to DDOS and take down the server what I would do is Permanently ban the user from the server, while also passing it up the chain of command that will be able to take the situation further and also by letting Vyve know of the situation as well.

  • There is an Admin that keeps giving people weapons and items (When he is not supposed to), What do you do? Who would you contact?

If I seen a Admin who keeps giving out weapons and items to players when he is not supposed to, what I will do is document the situation with recorded evidence, then I would report that admin to one of the higher ups that is able to take over with the situation. providing them with all the evidence I have and as much detailed explanation I can provide. this is a very major thing to do as it will help keep the server safe and also fair for everyone.

  • A user has joined the server and started to spam racial slurs over OOC and voice communication, how would you handle the situation?

If a user decides to spam racial slurs over OOC and voice communication. I would firstly clear OOC and disable it so no one else can be involved. then I will Permanently ban the user from the server as racial slurs is a big NO NO in this community.

  • A user has reported a “troll” has been Mass VDMing but they have no footage or other valid evidence, You have been given an ID, What can you possibly do to determine if these claims are true without footage?

When dealing with a situation where a user reports a troll or engaging in a mass VDM without providing any proof, it becomes very challenging. what I would do is firstly talk to people who were affected by the situation asking for there side of it as I have no video evidence. if what they told me cannot be used as it very hard to tell without footage I will then proceed to spectate the user who was reported, and while spectating them ill also check the users behavior with server logs checking for unusual patterns or out of nowhere sudden increase in player kills within a short span of time. even though asking witnesses to explain there side of story and also checking logs can help create a better picture of the situation, although without direct footage it will be challenging to take definite action against the user.

  • 'Bradley’ has just been in a pursuit with police, his vehicle contains drugs and illegal weapons. At some point Bradley crashed his vehicle during pursuit, stole a road-bike and evaded police up a mountain/offroad. Police have now seized the vehicle left behind. 5 minutes later, police notice items being removed from the vehicle. Bradley has gone to impound and is now offloading the contents of the vehicle. What rules have been broken(if any)? How would you proceed to handle the situation?

The rules I believe Bradly has broken is Fail RP and exploiting Exploiting

He has rule breached FailRP by using a Road Bike while driving it straight up a mountain, that is something that isn’t realistic as you would not do that IRL.

He has also broken the rule Exploiting because he has gone to the impound and retrieved the vehicle he used in the pursuit with police and grabbed all of its contents that was inside of the vehicle so they are not able to take the drugs and weapons ect.

How I would handle this situation is tell Bradly what he has done and what rule breaches were broken. then depending on his previous history with bans/warnings I would then proceed to give him the right appropriate ban/warning.

  • ‘Marilyn’ is a devious criminal of the underworld, constantly wanted by police and committing heinous acts of crime! During a situation, Marilyn acquires herself weapons from a police officers body. After equipping the 2-handed weapon at a car boot, Marilyn holds the weapon in her hand, then pulls her phone out and puts it away. Marilyn then carries on about her business. Shortly after, Marilyn gets arrested by police, put in hand-cuffs and taken to the station. While being taken to the cells, Marilyn decides to tackle officers, and run away on foot, eventually stealing a civilian vehicle. During this high speed pursuit down the highway, a police officer intentionally drives down the oncoming lane and has a head on collision with Marilyn, leading to her death because she was not wearing a seatbelt. What rules have been broken(if any)? How would you proceed to handle the situation?

Marilyn has broken the rule Exploiting and also Fail RP

Firstly she used a exploit to make her 2 handed weapon invisible when she pulls out her phone and puts it away again. she also is Fail Roleplaying because she tackled the police officers while she was already in hand cuffs, while also stealing a civilian vehicle and using it in a high speed pursuit down the highway, while she was still cuffed which is not realistic RP.

Due to this happening I would probably give Marylyn a 2 month ban while also going off previous bans/warnings to determine the correct amount of time.

The police officer involved also was breaking rule such as Fail Rp. This is due to the officer going down the incorrect lanes of travel and slamming straight on with Marylin on purpose causing her to die, it is counted as Fail Rp as you wouldn’t do that IRL and just go down incorrect lanes of travel on a highway and slam straight into someone.

The punishment for that would also determine on the police officers history of bans/warnings, personally I would give them a 2-3 day ban, if it is not there first time. But if it was probably just a warning depending on the outcome of the situation.

  • Any further comments:

No, All I will say is have a lovely rest of your day/night and thanks for taking your time to read this :slight_smile: