Planets Fivem ban appeal

  • In Game Name(s) or Most Known By Name: Donald Duck | Planet

  • Steam Profile Link: Steam Community :: Planet

  • Steam Name: Planet

  • Discord Name: planetexe.

  • Who Banned You?: Slept

  • Length Of Ban: Perm

  • Reason Of The Ban: Cheating in regards to a CFX ban I received

  • Why Should We Unban You?: First off I want to apologise for the trolling I did that happened before my ban, in game and in the discord, I am appealing this ban due to it being false, I understand that people might not think it is false however I have never touched cheats in my life, and everyone that I have played with understands and knows that, the reason for my ban was due to receiving a 2 week CFX ban for Cheating, however was told that there can be multiple reasons for receiving a ban for cheating on CFX, custom Citizen packs along with modified game files. However I can assure you that I never cheated. I just want a chance to replay IG, a server I has so many memory’s on and actively played for over a year, even if my ban appeal got reduced from a perma to like a 3 month.

As of receiving my ban I have worked on my RP in other servers, but nothing really felt the same to IG, as I approach the 6 months mark I am just asking for a second chance in the community, as I believe I have matured and will be able to uphold the community standards again, in the end I am deeply apologetic for the trolling I did before my ban in IG, and just want a second chance,

Thankyou for reading my ban

+1 i played with him recently in another server, really good player im not sure if hes cheating but

Appeal on-hold until further review of evidence.

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If possible would I also be able to see the evidence that got me banned, as I havent seen anything.

If not thats all goods.

+1 would never cheat hes to deep

+1 is a real one, would never cheat

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Update? or should I just wait till after u guys release 2.0

Starting to think you guys have 0 evidence? Maybe cause I never cheated.

Can I be shown evidence fr