Otto's Auto's - Business Application

Infinity Gaming 2.0 - Business Application Format

The following is a private out-of-character business application. Information contained within this business application is NOT permitted for in-character use.

Ownership Information:

Primary Owner Information (Full name, link to character biography, discord username, steam profile link):

Business Outline & Proposal:

Provide a brief description of the in-game business you propose to open:

Basic Mechanics, Able to upgrade vehicles, Wheel Alignments, no repairs (Unless this isn’t available, then a regular mechanics), as well as a middle man for buying and selling vehicles at auction.

Outline your short-term and long-term goals for the business. What are your long-term aspirations for your in-game business, and how do you see it evolving over an extended period? How will you handle challenges or periods of lower activity without compromising the quality of your roleplay? How do you anticipate your business evolving over time to stay relevant and exciting?:

Short term, we wish to offer an alternative to your regular mechanics workshop, offering the option to customise more personally, as well as setting people up with an easier way to auction, whether purchasing or selling, we can act as a middle man for the sake of ease to auctioning. We hope to connect with the community by being involved and interactive with the community through inter-personal connections, as well as having a warm, inviting presence in the eastern los Santos area.

Long term, we hope to connect with Car Dealerships, Hospitality businesses, as well as cultivating a car scene that is not only expressive and bold, but also being a community that understands that it is easier to interact with and co-exist with. Hopefully in the long run, Otto’s Auto’s is able to sponsor events of larger groups or local families/collectives (Gangs, likely) in an attempt to make the community more connected as well as getting ourselves out there in the car scene, making sure our business is a trusted and prefered option by the locals of the city.

Over time we hope to adapt into a seamless middle man to the auctioning world, as well as hopefully having a communal space that our customers can enjoy outside of needing services, hopefully we’re able to build out our business over time to incorporate a “Trusted Customer” Lounge, that allows our “VIP” Customers to enjoy a drink and a comfortable seating area to get together with other car enthusiasts.

What unique roleplay aspects or services will your business offer to enhance the overall server experience? Are there any unique or innovative features you plan to introduce with your business that haven’t been explored in the server before?:

Our company hopes to not only provide a personal experience with customised vehicles, but also creating an easy and simple system to auction vehicles through us. We also hope to have a customer lounge for our loyal customers to create a place to show of their custom vehicles as well as connecting with other enthusiasts in the local scene and making connections within the warm environment of our business.

Describe how your business will engage with in-game customers. What kind of customer service roleplay can players expect? How will you handle customer feedback, complaints, and suggestions? Can you provide examples of roleplay scenarios that showcase the depth and authenticity of your business operations?:

We expect our employees, top to bottom, to be respectful, professional, and interactive. We expect that the people of Otto’s Auto’s are open to connecting with the community, creating friends with our customers, and building up the customised vehicle scene, allowing everyone to express themselves, as boldly, and as subtlety as they wish.

Customer feedback, including complaints and suggestions, are a must. They help a business grow and evolve with the times. Customer feedback is a cornerstone of a growing business, with it, you can thrive and flourish into a dependable, capable, and trusted business within the city.

At this stage I can only provide the imagined customer service we could provide, through the idea that a situation would go similar to this,
“Welcome to Otto’s Auto’s! How might we help you today?”
(Customer makes request, say for customised body kit, and some engine upgrades)
“Absolutely we can do that! Are you more interested in upgrading the capability of your vehicles, or interested in expressing yourself within the community, or a bit of both? Let me know what your priorities would be, or if you’re looking to go all out”

I would expect that during the service, said employee would interact with the customer as best they can, asking them about their time in the city, as well as what they usually get up to, even what their favourite vehicle may be, if they know that yet.

Outline your strategies for marketing and advertising your business within the server. Can you propose any unique or creative in-game marketing campaigns to attract attention to your business? How do you plan to keep your business fresh and engaging for players over time? How do you plan to attract and retain customers within the roleplay environment? How do you plan to actively contribute to the server community beyond your business operations?:

We plan on actively using tweets to advertise our business, as well as using discord to post deals or events we sponsor or host. Maybe creating something like a business card? We could setup a third-eye option at the bosses desk to create business cards, and have workers or myself at car dealerships handing out cards to be exchanged for discounts on upgrades on their vehicles they buy from said dealership, maybe doing this at partnered businesses?

Another idea could be to partner with a hospitality business to have a sponsored food or beverage item? A collaboration of sorts? I think this would increase our marketing capabilities by interweaving our services with another businesses

Along with this, we could hold vehicle giveaways, maybe our personalised vehicles up for grabs for tickets?

Are there opportunities for collaboration with other in-game businesses? If yes, how do you envision these partnerships?:

Absolutely, as stated before, partnering with dealerships to hand out business cards as a form of marketing, a food or beverage item to be sold and a hospitality business, or even companies not entirely connected to automobiles and having them partner and recommend us

Are you aware of all server-specific rules and regulations related to in-game businesses that you need to adhere to? How will you ensure that your business operations align with both server rules and the in-game legal framework?:

As a new business owner, I’m not afraid to adhere to the rules, I’m not entirely sure where these rules are but I’ll be certain to thoroughly read them before commencing work on premises. We are more than willing to work with admins if we notice any wrong doing within our business, customer or employee. We will act swiftly where needed or requested, as well as being vigilant to avoid anyone exploiting or cheating via or within our business.

Business Development Information:

What do you believe is required from the development team for your business to operate?:

A more extensive workshop within the los Santos popular street workshop, 2-3 lifts or workbays instead of the one, maybe a sitting area with 3x 3-seater couches, and a tv with the loading screen slideshow? A business card, I imagine maybe a 2d sprite similar to a collectable card but more of a business card shape with something simple like our logo and the address? And in tike if it’s possible, down the track a good or beverage item that represents our company via its colour scheme and name?

If it’s your area of expertise, a spreadsheet for the business?

If applicable, do you have a location for the business to operate out of? Is there a custom map or default in-game location in which you’d like to use?:

Popular street los Santos garage, with hopefully some interior redesign at some stage

If applicable, is there a business logo you wish to use? Do you have the copyright permission to use such logo?:

Free Logo Maker - Create your own logo in minutes! Something to this effect, but unsure how to make it look good as this was a simple online logo maker

If applicable, provide your business ranking structure with #1 being the highest job role within the business:

  • Role Name: Trainee Mechanic
  • Role Description: General learning worker
  • (If applicable) Role Permissions: Door access, work bay usage, time clock, worker beverage/snack dispenser? (Vending machine?)
  • Role Name: Mechanic
  • Role Description: General worker
  • (If applicable) Role Permissions: Door access, work bay usage, time clock, worker beverage/snack dispenser? (Vending machine?)

*Role Name: Auctioneer

  • Role Description: Mechanic with permission to conduct auctioning business, setting up customers with either an auction to sell their vehicle or to purchase.
  • (If applicable) Role Permissions: Same as mechanic, unsure of how auctions will work, so maybe society fund access for purchasing?

*Role Name: Head Mechanic “Pit Boss”

  • Role Description: Lead mechanic, floor manager
  • (If applicable) Role Permissions: Same as Auctioneer, with the additional ability to hire and fire employees, with the ability to promote to auctioneer from mechanic.
  • Role Name: Management
  • Role Description: Manager of the store when Owner and Co-Owner aren’t available
  • (If applicable) Role Permissions: Same as Head Mechanic, with boss menu and ability to promote up to head mechanic (Only 2 heads total to cover as many hours as is applicable.)

*Role Name: Owner/Co-Owner

  • Role Description: Owners of the business
  • (If applicable) Role Permissions: All available permissions for a business.

If it would at all assist the chances, i’ve recognised that RevUp is located in the location I suggested, and realised it would make more sense to use the actual Ottos down the road,
Many Thanks