Munchies Ban Appeal #2

In Game Name(s) or Most Known By Name:
Harry Wells - Dextor Comp
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Who Banned You?:
Length Of Ban:
Reason Of The Ban:
Ban Evading
Why Should We Unban You?:

Dear iG community members and staff team,

I was banned during April, and it was for letting a banned user play on my account. I am willing to take full responsibility for letting this user play on my account. I should have been more responsible and managed my account properly.

During the past couple of months, I have been reflecting and meditating upon my actions and what I have done wrong with my experience in Infinity Gaming. I have realised that I did not have very great roleplay quality, and if anything, I was a tiprat that deserved to be banned multiple times. I have a very bad history in Infinity Gaming, but have learnt from those mistakes and tried to use them to help me improve my roleplay skills. Infinity was my first ever FiveM server I had played, it was my home server. I used to get on everyday after school or when I am free and have some fun on iG. I have played many other different servers, but none make me feel the way that this community did. I learnt to roleplay here and made many different friends along the way, but I decided to make a dumb decision and got permanently banned. I have matured from my actions and become a better person just in general. I really hope I am able to get this ban, accepted, or even just reduced. I have not been enjoying FiveM as much recently and hope to find that spark back in Infinity Gaming.

  • Screenshot Of Ban Message:

Need to redownload GTA to get it but takes a while.

Ban reduced to 6 months.
You may appeal at the start of 2.0 to reduce further if necessary.
Please submit a ticket in 6 months time to be unbanned.