Mayo/Marcus Ban Appeal

  • In Game Name(s) or Most Known By Name:
    Ismael Garcia/Mayo / Marcus

  • Steam Profile Link:
    Steam Community :: Marcus Fatality Developments

  • Steam Name:
    Marcus Fatality Developments

  • Discord Name:

  • Who Banned You?:

  • Length Of Ban:

  • Reason Of The Ban:
    its been over a year and i cannot reconnect to confirm ban reason so i dont remember if im being real. But id presume to do with the IRL Dealing

  • Why Should We Unban You?:
    Hi, im filling out this ban appeal today in hopes of being unbanned from the communnity. I believe I was banned a little under 2 years ago and would like to have a go at rejoining the community.
    It is hard for me to explain my reasonings/apologise for the actions I have dont as I dont remember exactly everything, and it doesnt help with the numerous rumors and shit people would say about why I was banned ages ago (that wasnt true/i didnt do) so its hard to give an exact reasonings and explanation to what may have happened. But I will try my best in regards to the one reason I do know/remember which is IRL dealing.

Near the end of my time in Infinitgaming when the server started to slow down, I had recently left Infinity for NerveRP due to me not being happy with the staff team nor playerbase/position as IG. Obviously this was not an uncommon opinion as IG did eventually slow down to which you guys are now re opening with 2.0

There were many things wrong with the IG Staff team and server as a whole with bugs not being fixed, high ranking staff members not doing much and no one really caring for the community. It felt like the higher up staff had given up on the server and no one was interested in trying to fix any issues, to which i left ig. As some staff know I would be in nerverp whilst in the staff calls still as i tried my best to still support the sever tickets wise with database and the occasional normal tickets/in game reports when i was on. But i guess after 2 years of playing one server and about 3000+ hours it gets tiring, and when IG got into the position where it was of no one wanting to try make it better/fix the issues it had, i gave up.

After i left from admin team I decided to IRL deal as we all know. This ofcourswe wasnt the right thing to do and would not be accepted in any server and I realise that. Now in my explanation above about my feelings with IG, they were the reasons I decided to IRL deal.
I am not saying they are good reasonings at all, I am purely just explaining my thought process behind it so you get my POV.

Now ofcourse I was wrong to do the IRL deals I did and shouldnt of and I do apologise for such, I also do apologise if there are potentially other rule breaks i have forgotten about to explain my side of things or apologise for as again, 1 year is quite a long time so i dont remember.

I dont really play fivem much anymore. I quit RP over a year ago for my Fatality work as OCE RP has gone to shit, but about a month ago i have started playing maybe like 5 hours a week again on another server for police RP as im not interested in crim RP as i think crim RP in OCE is shit, so im focusing on police RP on the server im on to focus purely on providing fun and different RP to that communiuty. I am currently 100% RP focused if i am playing fivem as its now just something i do for like an hour a day to have fun with.

If i was let back into IG i would be back with mindset wanted for your community. I have never been banned from any fivem servers other then IG and I hope to get unbanned on IG to be able to still join other communities with other friends ETC that may play IG.

I appreciate you reading this and hope there is a chance after the almost 2 years of being banned to give me a chance to just be able to hop on sometimes and chill with some of the community.

  • Screenshot Of Ban Message:
    Server isnt on server list anymore, but was banned by stigma.

My discord:id in TXAdmin would be different to what it used to be as i now use a new discord account and dont use my old one, so if theres any issues that may potentially be it. All other licences/ids should be the same