Levis ban appeal

  • **In Game Name(s) or Most Known By Name:levi

  • **Steam Profile Link:i have no profile

  • **Steam Name:levi has a shank

  • **Discord Name:**cheese9837

  • **Who Banned You?:**donburtron

  • **Length Of Ban:**perm

  • **Reason Of The Ban:**combat logging

  • **Why Should We Unban You?: i would really like to get unbanned in infinity cause its my main server me and all of my friends play it i used to play it in the past when i didnt care about the city but then i got more deeper and into the game i did combat log in the past and im really sorry for my mistakes i wont do it again so the experience is better for others

  • **Screenshot Of Ban Message:

4 bans and 1 warning on record.
Staff mainly voted to deny this appeal though some though about a reduction.
Not entirely sure that you’re overly keen on returning to the server with your low quality appeal.
I suggest re-appealing if you actually want to return.

/ thread closed.