Introducing Infinity Gaming 2.0 & FiveM Platform Agreement & Terms of Service compliance! 🎉

Introducing Infinity Gaming 2.0 & FiveM Platform Agreement & Terms of Service compliance! :tada:

Good evening everyone - today we have some very big and important announcements for you all.

:warning: FiveM Platform Agreement & Terms of Service compliance! :warning:

On the 13th of September, released their latest Community Pulse.
Within such, announced rather major changes to the Creator Platform License Agreement.
Many of these changes were things that we saw coming about a month ago with Rockstar Games’ purchase of and their take-over of the FiveM platform.

Along with the updated Creator Platform License Agreement, we now have 4 new policies to follow:

Due to such, there are a variety of compliance issues our server currently has with the new agreement and the 4 policies which we are actively working on to meet standards and requirements.
We aim to have the current server up to compliance by the 10th of October, 2023.

What are we currently not compliant with?

Well, the changes stated under 4.0 of the Creator Platform License Agreement, state the restriction and usage of all copyright materials in regards to user generated content (i.e. maps, map props, clothing, vehicles, items (names/icons/etc)) which although has always been there - Rockstar Games (along with are now actively taking down servers that use such materials.

This means the removal of all real world branding and copyrighted content such as vehicles, maps/map props, clothing, items (names, icons, etc.) - though also, another major part of the server affected here is due to the NSW Government’s Copyright Statement. Because of such, we’re forced to move away from being a New South Wales based server and convert to another fictional basis, such as that of San Andreas or something alike.

In addition to the above, the latest Community Pulse also rules out material containing or promoting violent extremism, graphic sexual content, glorification of hate groups or real-world militia groups, or abuse and depiction of children.
In short this means that removal of any sexual content (erotic emotes, sex toys, lewd roleplay, etc), usage or reference to real world gangs (organisation names, character names, etc) and depiction or representation of children (under 18 characters, parent-child roleplay, etc) is strictly no longer permitted.

We will be making various changes to our FiveM Server Rules & Guidelines in the coming days to ensure enforcement of the new standards set by the latest Community Pulse and the Creator Platform License Agreement.

:tada: Introducing Infinity Gaming 2.0! :tada:

Since the 20th of May, 2023 - in private, the development team has been working on Infinity Gaming 2.0.

For quite sometime now, Community Leadership has been unhappy with the current state and direction of the server and have lost quite a lot of passion due to its regression from the environment we originally built.

Infinity Gaming was created for roleplay. Strict, serious, in-depth roleplay. It was created to be an environment that players could indulge and get lost in. To build lives different to their own in. To explore with their characters and build upon them overtime - like they are a shared version of themselves.

We feel that things have strayed far from that - and we’re now doing something about it; by creating Infinity Gaming 2.0.

Infinity Gaming 2.0 will exist within a ‘multi-verse’ per-se of our current server - meaning that any characters, roleplay interactions, relationships and such that exist in the current server, will not exist in the same way within Infinity Gaming 2.0.

What does this mean exactly?

Well, in summary:

  • Characters will need to be created again and their stories will have to be written again.
  • Upon character creation - players will need to outline a base biography about the character and state various traits, likes, dislikes and such about their character. Players will also need to state the names of family members (parents, children, siblings, cousins, significant others, etc). A character’s background will start from the absolute beginning of their character.
  • Reformation of the Police force, Medical services, Government employees, businesses and organisations.
  • A selected variety of individuals will be voted on by Community Leadership and the Community Committee to serve as initial leaders, trainers and such for these reformed services to assist in the rebuild of such.
  • Economic and material reset
  • Characters will have to earn money again under a new and more balanced, realistic economy.
  • Economy and obtainment of materials will be based on a prioritisation of roleplay and not ‘grind’.
  • Businesses and services will be given loans from the Federal Government to get ‘off-the-ground’.
  • Economy will have a absolute max available amount of money within circulation meaning a lower likelihood to have the current circumstance of hyperinflation reoccur. This will also allow us to more closely monitor possible exploits, cheats and bugs within our new systems.

What about all the progress I have made?

We don’t want you to lose all the effort you have put in over the past 3 years and therefore we have come up with various opportunities for existing players; though please note some of these are subject to change and we’re looking for more alternatives or additions to the following:

  • Skill levels and experience will remain.
  • Current player wealth will be calculated before the release of 2.0 and depending on the player’s wealth their new character’s will have the ability to take out higher initial loans, receive a slightly higher return on investments, access to unique bank cards, etc.
  • Tebex purchases such as “Double Experience” and “Timewarp” modifiers will carry over at the release of 2.0.

So what else is different in 2.0?

A heck of a lot - and although it feels impossible to summarise, here’s some of the details:

  • Rewrite of all server, business, organisation rules & guidelines.
  • New framework, custom core functionality, priority on optimisation & anticheat integration.
  • Massive expansions of the medical system, police & justice systems and all business types.
  • Rewrites of protocols, trainings and procedures.
  • Addition of the fire department, fire systems, etc.
  • Evolution of organisations and underground activities.
  • Complete rebuild and rewrite of both legal and illegal activities.
  • New heists, missions, objectives, group activities - things to do for everyone at anytime and any player count.
  • Complete UI/UX overhaul - no more confusion, no more things looking out of place. A completely unique and recognisable interface.
  • Reworked houses, apartments, garages, storage options.
  • Many, many, many - quality of life improvements.

I feel like there are some missing pieces? What about this? What about that?

More information will soon be released about Infinity Gaming 2.0 and I’ll be releasing many more details over the next few days and weeks to help settle concerns, answer questions and give reasoning for various things we plan on doing.
I will be having a Q&A stream in a couple weeks time to allow you all to come and ask your questions live.

Right. So when will Infinity Gaming 2.0 be released?

A positive player experience and a smooth, bug free launch is a dream of ours and therefore no date has been set in stone.
We’re planning on a closed beta test within the next months for various systems and then we’ll also be doing a couple weeks of bug testing with our bug testing team to finalise, fix and polish content.
Release of Infinity Gaming 2.0 could occur as soon as mid-late October or as late as the end of November.
We’ll keep you posted.


We’re taking Infinity Gaming back to its roots with all the knowledge, wisdom and such that we have gained over the past 3 years to finally offer all that we originally intended.
We all want to make this community proud and we all want to make an environment worthy of our values - something for us to look back in 10 years and smile upon; together as a community.

With love, Vyve. :blue_heart: