I got banned from IG discord and this is my ban appeal

  • In game name(s) or most known by name: I dont remember my name in the city because it has been so long but I go by Zany which was my nickname

  • Steam profile link: Steam Community :: Ai ZANY

  • Steam Name: Ai ZANY

  • Discord Name (with hashtag): _anonymous_420

  • Length of Ban: Eternity/Forever

  • Reason of the Ban: It doesn’t really say why i got banned but the last thing i did was say “hi kid’s” in the iG server then i got banned. Before that i did some pretty terrible things like combat log, VDM or RDM ( i forgot which one it was) and troll around the city with my mates that don’t play the game anymore.

  • Why should we unban you?: You guys should unban me because I will never do these actions again and the only reason i did those things was because of the peer pressure i was getting from my mates to tell me those things but i know that is not a valid excuse because it is my fault for listening to them and doing those actions to the community. Never the less, you guys should unban me because i will not be a burden to the IG city and community and i will strive to do everything i can to try to make the city a fun and enjoyable place for new people and just people in general.

I Submitted your request to the team and unfortunately your appeal has been denied, Remember you can always re apply for a ban request at a later date and ill try to get it done as soon as possible :slight_smile: Thank you for your patience on this.