Hav Remdor - Biography

Infinity Gaming 2.0 - Character Biography


Name: Javier “Hav” Jaiquiqui Remdor
Age: 30
Address: [REDACTED]
Occupation: United States Marine Corps, Staff SGT,1st Reconnaissance Battalion.

Immediate Family:
Deceased Father
Deceased Mother
Kye Remdor - Brother

Persons of Interest:
Emma Spartano - Ex Fiance
Boo Remdor - Sister-In-law
Zach Spartano - Ex Step Son
Rex Spartano - Ex Step Son
Jeff Spartano - Ex Step Son

Specialties: [REDACTED]

Honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corps 1st Recon Battalion, SSGT Javier “Hav” Remdor BSM is a retired Veteran of the war in the middle east. He served in Fallujah with his Brother Kye where their convoy of Marines was attacked by local insurgents. Hav automatically jumped into action and took control of his fire team and led them out of the province known as “death valley”. His actions that day earned him the Bronze Star Medal and a handwritten letter from his Battalion commander. Returning to civilian life, he had a hard time readjusting into life stateside and as such was dragged into a life of crime. in Chicago one winter day, He organized a gun deal with a local faction of revolutionaries. He had no care about what the people used the weapons for, as long as the pay was good. Next thing he knew he was being chased out of town by a local crime family and needed to skip town. He flew back to his home country of Australia where he flew into NSW and resumed his life of crime.

Upon entering the city Hav met a number of people that helped him understand and traverse the city. He picked up some work as a contractor/gun for hire which led him down a lot of winding roads mixed between high and low morales. One job he met someone who became a dear friend to him, Bobby Lee Swagger was a man who had principles and a very good eye with a rifle. Hav immediately took to liking Bobby and was quickly introduced to a number of friends along the way.

The next chapter in Havs fall from grace was that of Creatures Lair Cartel. An old organization which had left the city however Bobby (with permission) remade the organization and moved up to Grapeseed out at the weed farm to the north. CLC prided itself in its large amount of high caliber weapons which it obtained from drug running and armor smithing.

Working out of a garage in La Mesa called Dragons JDM, CLC kept quiet and to themselves. They had 6 members of the higher ups and did what they could to progress the city and their standing however all that changed quickly when a new MC had moved into town. At this point of time CLC had not had to come up against a well established organization. Sure there was whispers of the “Bratva” but no real proof they existed. When one of the prospects of the Black Spades Motorcycle Club took it upon themselves to harass a CLC member the streets ran red. For days Le Mesa was turned into a battlezone. Taken back to his training Hav dusted of his sniper and got to work. With no end in sight, a new challenger approaches.
Bratva reached out to form an alliance as they had enough of the bloodshed on the streets of NSW and quickly after the war ended with all parties licking their wounds and ending the war.

Shortly after the war, Hav reassessed what he was doing and took to researching Motorcycle club life. He was intrigued by its discipline and way of life that he sorely missed from his days in the Corps. He reached out to the Black Spades to mend burnt bridges to find a new president in charge which helped mend the aforementioned bridges. With their assistance and help Hav took back an idea to a few of the members of CLC which came back with a resounding amount of support to break off and create a new MC that ran out of Benny Motorwork. After a week or so of planning and design Hav and a handful of others went ahead and created Pulse MC which formed an alliance with BSMC and led to months of relative calm, only taking up arms against those who attacked loved ones.

As President of the Pulse MC, Hav did what he could to the best of his ability. He was fair and just however very quick to anger and excitable when the bullets started flying. A few months after the creation of the MC a few members were disgruntled by actions that Hav had taken in the name of the MC. Hav always tried to settle the score even when that ment going up against far bigger MC.A prospect of a rival MC decided to trash talk Pulse MC, Hav flipped a switch and murdered the prospect in his Kutte which was against the MCs rules and for that Hav was punished. He had his president rocker stripped from him and ultimately was voted out by the founding members. Hav, disgraced, decided to leave the club after all his hard work. Quickly word on the street as that Pulse MC was gunning for Hav and after one failed attempt from a hitman Black Spades came to the table and decided to allow Hav to patch over to the BSMC and live under their protection which Pulse MC begrudgingly accepted.

Shortly after that Hav left the city. Not much is known as to where he went or what he did. Some say he went to serve in the middle east as a private contractor. Others say he went to africa and overthrew a corrupt warlord. Some even said that he went off and lived peacefully in the outback of Australia. However realistically, No one actually knows what happened.

Our records get a bit sketchy here as Hav has successfully evaded our investigation for some months. The only time he comes out to breath is when he is representing criminals within his new director role at a Lawyer consulting firm. He works alongside DOJ but deep down we know there is something else at play. After the beach party, Hav approached an old friend about potentially joining a family after deciding to stick around awhile.

After awhile Hav missed the States, And while Australia was good to him, It was time to return home back to the US to a province called Los Santos. When he got an invite to the Black Spades 4 year run, He dusted off his bike that he had moved from Australia weeks before. And took off for the ride. All it took was that one ride to realize what he had been missing and quickly rejoined his family at BSMC. After that Hav went underground and for all intents and purposes we have lost contact of him and will inform REDACTED of any changes we hear


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So realised i cant refer to anything 1.0 which is problematic as i have Ingrained that into Hav Remdors character in other servers and have grown on it. Ill have to reevaluate