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Infinity Gaming 2.0 - Character Biography

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Character Information

Full Name: What is your character’s full name, including any nicknames or aliases?

  • Chase Cortez

Date Of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY)

  • 27/05/1998 (25 years of age)

Country Of Birth (If outside of Australia or the state of San Andreas, please specify citizenship status & date of citizenship to Australia and the state of San Andreas.)

  • Country of birth is New Zealand. I am a dual citizen (NZ and Australian citizen) as i applied for Australian citizenship this year and was approved.

Family Tree, Heritage & Genealogy: Does your character have any family members or close relatives? If so, who are they, and what is the nature of their relationships? (Note: Any names not included within this biography unless later approved by the Federal Government will not legally be considered family members in a legal procedures, practices, etc.) (Min: 25 words per person)

  • Chase does not have any known relatives.

Education, Experience & Employment: What is your character’s level of education? Did they attend college, vocational school, or have any specialized training? What does your character do for a living? Are they employed or self-employed, and in what industry or profession? (Ensure you state all degrees, certifications, experience, current/previous employment information, etc.) (Min: 75 words)

  • I attended college (years 9 - year 13) in my home country of New Zealand getting a scholarship in sports and the opportunity to relocate to Australia for Uni later on dropping out of Uni and throwing my scholarship down the drain. Currently living in Australia; with no experience in life am wanting to find a job as a part time mechanic as I’ve had recent experience in the past and in my spare time wouldn’t mind side hustling on the streets for a bit more extra cash too make a living and find a purpose in life.

Personality: Describe your character’s personality traits, both positive and negative. What are their strengths and weaknesses?

  • Chases personality is that he is a very down to earth, protective, and is a kind hearted soul who is always welcoming to anyone he meets in life. Very approachable person, but when stressed or someone gets on my bad side can become very temperamental.

  • Chases strengths is his loyalty that he can show to people he is close too but at the same time can be his biggest weakness.

Hobbies and Interests: What does your character enjoy doing in their free time? Any specific hobbies, interests, or passions? (Min: 50 words)

  • Chase enjoys playing all type of sports (mainly being mma and rugby), going to the gym, eating clean and looking after my overall health and spending time with friends. I also don’t mind running a muck in town as long as he’s around good company. He also enjoys finding and sourcing better ways to make money and getting himself in a good financial position.

Goals and Ambitions: What are your character’s long-term goals and ambitions in the city? What do they hope to achieve? (Min: 75 words)

  • Chase is a very passionate person and has always wanted to set himself up for early retirement searching for quick ways to get there and not worrying about the risk; putting himself in situations where he’s either gambling in casinos, taking the time to learn how to invest in crypto/stocks, or taking the more sinful life and risking it with small drug/weapon deals around Australia. Everything Chase does is for the sole purpose of being able to set himself up for that early retirement or the Hollywood dream that everyone wants, being able to live the rich easy life without having to work. But then saying that Chase also doesn’t mind settling down owning his own mechanic store and just chilling on the nice beach front with a pina colada in his hand.

Friends and Allies: Who are your character’s friends or allies in the city? Are there any specific groups or factions they are affiliated with? (Min: 25 words per person/group if applicable)

  • Chase currently has no friends, but seeing as the type of character he is it wouldn’t be that hard to do.

Enemies and Rivals: Does your character have any enemies or rivals, and what is the source of their conflicts? (Min: 50 words per person or group if applicable)

  • No enemies nor rivals

Criminal Record: Has your character been involved in any criminal activities in the past? If so, what kind of activities have they been involved in? (Min: 50 words if applicable)

  • Chases one and only criminal offence that he has on record was for excessive speeding whilst driving a motor vehicle.

Personal Beliefs: What are your character’s personal beliefs, values, morals and ethics? Are they religious or politically inclined? (Min: 50 words)

  • Chase calls himself a Christian, but does not live the life as a Christian. He is open minded and welcoming towards all religions/beliefs. One thing he believes in is that you should always treat people they way you want to be treated. Always be respectful and show kindness to anyone you may meet. When it comes to politics Chase does not like to be involved in any of it and stays away from that kind of talk (no reasons but the simple fact that he does not like politics)

Relationships: Is your character in a romantic relationship or involved with anyone romantically? If so, who is their partner, and how did they meet? (Min: 50 words if applicable)

  • No romantic relationships and is currently not looking for one. Chase wants to focus on himself and himself only.

Physical Description: Describe your character’s physical appearance, including height, weight, hair colour, eye colour, and distinctive features. (Min: 50 words)

  • Chases physical appearance is a athletic build, 6.1ft for height, 103kg for weight, dark brown hair colour, light green/hazel eyes, and a few tattoos all round.

Backstory: Provide a detailed backstory of your character, including any significant life events, turning points, or experiences that have shaped who they are. (Min: 100 words)

  • I am an only child born in Auckland, New Zealand. Mother and father have been together their whole life from the early ages of 18 and 19. I come from a very family oriented upbringing, where i was always surrounded my family and friends. When it comes to wealth my family werent poor or rich, we were just in the middle. Living was simple and i was brought up around rugby union and league. Finished my whole years of schooling with a scholarship to play sports in Australia but didn’t pursue it as i wanted to find a job to help myself and my family. Before you know it, i was living in Australia. Looking to find a nice cozy apartment to live in and wanting to secure a job to get myself started. Seeing my parents work hard to secure my future is what has shaped me today and im willing to owe them everything and become a handworker just like them.

Current Situation: What is your character’s current situation within the state of San Andreas? Are they new to the state, or have they been there for a while? (Min: 50 words)

  • I have been here in the city for a couple years now, but my new life is just about to begin. Looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends. Am ready to conquer my goals and aspirations in life and am ready to sacrifice anything to get there. Im ready for this new journey and adventure this City brings to me!

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