Zleepn's Ban Appeal

  • In Game Name(s) or Most Known By Name:
    Zonny Faalua

  • Steam Profile Link:
    Steam Community :: zleepn

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  • Reason Of The Ban:

  • Why Should We Unban You?:
    I just want to introduce that this is my third attempt at a ban appeal for the server infinity gaming and want to apologise to other players and staff of this community.

I am writing this ban appeal to in regards to a racial slur situation that had happened in game on infinity gaming. I wanted to apologise for any offense that I may have caused in the community for my immature comment by saying “He isn’t black, don’t shoot” while a group of cops in game were aiming a gun at an NPC (non-playable character) or a “Local” some would call in roleplay, outside of sandy hospital. Even though the immature comment spurred from an AI it was still inappropriate demonstration of how members of the server let alone being in an organisation as well would clearly portray a bad example to anyone especially new player in the server.

I also want to apologise on behalf of me ignorantly using ChatGPT previously on one of my ban appeals and I should never have done so. I have rewritten this ban appeal in full confidence that this time the staff team will acknowledge my remorse on this situation. I know using an AI to form an appeal on my behalf was a mistake that I knowingly ignored and regret doing so ever. I understand using ChatGPT on any ban appeal is nothing but a demonstration of my ignorance toward the rules that I had violated and wish to proceed by proving that I could return to the Infinity Gaming community.

I intended no offense to anyone that may have heard or seen my comment and it was a poor attempt at humour that I should have taken more consideration into before. I should take more notice into what I say as to take more consideration into how those around me and others may feel in the future when on this server. I know that Infinity gaming holds a standard to its players and intends for everyone in this community to hold a standard of respect to one another and I should have been more mature and done the same.

Again I wish to explain that my comments in game were nothing but a short example of a poor excuse at humour and regret any harm and offense that I may/have caused in the community. I want to simply be able to play this server again with all that IG has to offer within its gaming hub. I do not in any way want to promote any form of racism in a harmful manner of any sorts nor do I support an movement or motives of the sort.

I have taken time to reflect upon the situation and now want to have a chance to prove that I have grown from this experience. This situation should never had happened and I regret any action I took upon this outcome. I want to again apologise for my actions and hope that the Infinity Gaming staff team will take this appeal into consideration.

Good Afternoon, @zleepn

It was decided that your ban appeal shall be,


You have been unbanned :heart:

Harambe | Community Manager