Why I should i work at burgershot

Out Of Character | Information

Your Discord Name and #: (Hawkze#0117)

  • Patrik_08

How long have you apart of the community for?

  • 7 months to 8

Have you had any Warning or bans by Staff?

  • Yes but im a changed man

In Character | Information

Characters Full Name?:

  • Maverick Suraya

Do you have a current Drivers Licence?

  • yes

Do you have a criminal Record?: (Will under go a background check)

  • yes

How available are you to work?

  • Every day

What are 2 Strengths You Have?

  • I like doing things fast and simple
  • patience

What are 2 Weaknesses You Have?

  • I struggle a tiny bit with multitasking
  • Not to sure

Why do you think you should work for us?

  • Im a fast learner and i love giving people delicious foods to fill up their stomach . I work with a great team and love to help other people learn different things.Im a dedicator and love sticking to one thing . That one thing is burgershot and hopefully i get accepted to wok with a great team.

Do you have any prior experience with customer interactions?

  • Not yet but will love to learn.

Do you understand you will have to read and agree to a set of rules that will be enforced at all times, if broken it will result in removal of job!? We also follow a 3 strike system!

  • yes

Any further questions?


Burgershot managment has looked over this Application

Today your post will be


Thank you