Vybe | STAFF APP | POSTED 14/07/23

Steam profile link:

Age (Min 16):

Do you have any active warning or previous bans?

Nothing at all.

Do you have a problem with any of our current staff members?

I have had no negative interactions with staff members whatsoever, I pride myself on the large amount of positive interactions that I have with not only staff members but the community as a whole.

How long have you been apart of our community & played on our FiveM server?

A little bit longer than a year, approximately July 2022. During that time, I’ve put in hundreds of hours into the city with the most being on my police character at approximately 500-600 hours alone.

Have you maintained a staff position in another Community?

I’ve maintained a senior staff position in my previous city before Infinity Gaming, this city now has over 100,000 members (SACRP). My staff journey follows, after a year of playing the city believed I had become accustomed to the roleplay, the city’s ethos and its vision (The same reason I am putting an application in now). I climbed the ranks throughout the staff team of approximately 200 members to a senior staff position which saw myself overseeing and investigating staff duties as well as staff misconduct. During the 1-2 years of staffing, I became a specialist in all things staff-related, Whether it is using txAdmin, EasyAdmin or things relating to hardware bans. I’ve spent hundreds of hours ‘staffing’ where I’ve faced some extremely difficult challenges. As a senior staff member, I was faced with DDOS threats + actual DDOSing, Modders + ‘Modding Armys’, the usual ‘Danny type’ trollers and of course the majorly political bans + staff decisions which were ultimately better for the city. My seasoned experience is something that I know can be of great use to the Infinity gaming staff team.

How known are you on a scale of 1-10?


Do you believe you’re able to deal with individuals such as Friend’s, Org Members & Staff Members etc in a completely unbiased manner?

I understand that upon joining the IG staff team that you are instantly held to a higher standard than other individuals, I would never act in a biased and malicious way whatsoever as that would again deteriorate the high standard that the current staff team hold. I also pride myself on educating individuals by providing them with information and guidance on certain rules and how they can avoid punishment by changing their behaviour/habits.

Why do you think you should become a staff member?

I strongly believe there are multiple reasons as to why I should become a staff member, my reasoning follows.

During my time at infinity gaming, I strongly believe that if I was to put in a staff application I’d have to have an impact on the community as a whole, this is something that can only be achieved through time and positive community interactions. This is something that I know I have developed throughout my Infinity Gaming journey. In my opinion, to become a quality Infinity gaming staff member you must have a complete understanding of the city’s vision and ethos (both staffing and community-wide). This will ultimately ensure that all staff members act in the best interest of the city as well as congruently do their staff duties. This is something that I know I have explored and discovered throughout my hundreds of hours in the city.

I have a thorough understanding of infinity gaming’s mechanics, rules, and guidelines thanks to my vast playing experience and participation in the community. This information gives me the tools I need to properly handle user complaints, enforce server rules, and settle disputes that might occur within the community. As a staff member, I am sure that my comprehension of the city’s complexities will allow me to make wise and impartial decisions.
I firmly believe that successful staff have excellent communication skills. I can interact respectfully and professionally with users and other staff members thanks to my excellent written and vocal communication abilities. I am aware of how critical active listening, empathy, and concise communication are when addressing delicate or difficult circumstances. I want to continue to establish a welcoming and inclusive environment for all community members by upholding a constructive and supportive staff image.

Why should you be chosen over other candidates?

My in-depth familiarity with the FiveM platform and my practical experience as a collaborative and committed community member provide me with a strong foundation on which to succeed in the staff position. I have invested a lot of time in learning about the platform’s nuances, its features, and the difficulties users and staff encounter. I can swiftly understand difficult situations, anticipate complications, and offer practical answers due to this depth of expertise.
I have constantly shown a great commitment to professionalism, fairness, and user happiness throughout my involvement in Infinity Gaming. I have taken an active role in community conversations, fixing issues and guiding other users through the city. My prior experience demonstrates my capacity to manage a variety of circumstances with subtlety, patience, and an impartial perspective. This, in my opinion, distinguishes me as a candidate who can reliably provide the community with great assistance and direction.


I have become well-versed in the nuances of police procedures and protocols in my role as Senior Sergeant Peter Vybe in the NSWPF. I have gained a thorough understanding of how law enforcement functions in any situation whatsoever. I can contribute insightful information on police role-play scenarios and make sure that the server’s law enforcement features adhere to realism as well as the staff perspective on the PD.
I’ve developed my conflict resolution and de-escalation tactics while ‘serving’ as a Senior Sergeant in the NSWPF. I have developed tactics like how to defuse difficult situations, resolve conflicts, and find amicable solutions. This knowledge applies to a variety of community interactions within the server and goes beyond exchanges with law enforcement. I can resolve disputes and promote a peaceful community atmosphere by encouraging a culture of respect and honest communication.
During my time as Peter Vybe, the law enforcement community has established a culture of collaboration and community. I have worked with other officers, divisions, and community members while performing my PD duties. My experience will help me communicate with community members and other staff members efficiently.

How available are you to do staffing duties throughout the week and what is your availability?

I can easily offer the same amount of dedication to the staff team as any other character. I can offer at least 5 hours total throughout the week (5 hours of dedicated staffing duties). I can also offer a dedication to always prioritise staffing duties over my roleplay. I understand that I need to ‘prove’ myself as a staff member and I believe that I can do so by developing a strong and active presence within the staff team as well as showcasing my abilities as a staff member. I’d also be happy to tend to the large amounts of tickets that are always being submitted, by offering in-city and out-of-city dedication.

Do you understand that as a staff member, you are not above and or better than anyone else in roleplay and within the Community?

I do understand that upon getting privileged to join the staff team that you are not better or above anyone else. However, I do understand that you are held to a much higher standard than any other community member.

Do you understand that as a Staff Member, you will be looked upon in the Community as a role model & you are at all times to be setting an example for newer and current players within the server whether it’s IC or OOC?

Yes, I completely understand as mentioned throughout the above responses that upon joining the staff team that you are a role model at all times. Referring back to my PD character, I have an active standing in the FTO team (training department) so I thoroughly enjoy setting examples and guiding newer players throughout their city journeys. I firmly believe that this will benefit the staff team greatly.

Do you also understand, you are NOT to use powers to benefit yourself or your peers in any way, shape or form?

I 100% understand that the use of staff powers in a malicious and self-beneficial way will result in not only result in punishment for myself but it would strongly deteriorate the positive staff image and the city as a whole. Throughout my time at Infinity Gaming, I have never acted in any way whatsoever that negatively impacts the community, instead I pride myself on always acting in the best interests of the community as a whole. This I can promise will continue if I was to be accepted into the staff team.

List at least five rule breaches, give an example of the rule breach and explain the punishment that you believe should be given.

1.6 Modding, Hacking, Injecting or Server dumping in any form is NOT TOLERATED

To breach 1.6 you must meet the criteria of the above-mentioned rule. Whether it is modding or hacking etc. This rule is quite straight forward however, it can be quite hard to determine if an individual is meeting the criteria. An example of how I would deal with the situation and punish the individual follows I would first establish and gain information on the situation by speaking or responding to the report and then begin my staff investigation. For example, if an individual is spawning stunt ramps and hostile local peds throughout the map, I would first (if this is available) turn on Ped and Prop dimensions as well as the setting to turn on the owners of each, I would then approach the props and peds and see who spawned them then based off the steam name go to easyAdmin. From there, I would screenshot the individual’s screen. (A menu pops up on the screenshot, eulen etc) I would then gather all evidence via a clip and then ban the individual for a permanent length of time as there is a zero-tolerance policy for modding or hacking. If there are no policies about ban proof then I would personally store evidence somewhere for each ban that I do so that if they choose to appeal the ban, senior staff members can review the footage.

1.7.1 Unapproved Visual Mods

I would take a different approach to this rule, my leniency would depend on various factors and each factor would constitute a different punishment. For example, if an individual is using a No-water, No-Bushes, FiveM 1v1 Graphics Pack then that would lead to a ban in a ‘vanilla’ scenario. However, the length of the ban would be based on the following. If the individual has been a part of the community for a long period 6 months - 1 Year + then I would hold them to a higher standard than a typically new player. Again, to prove that the individual is using an unapproved visual mod I would screenshot their screen on EasyAdmin and then go from there. If they have been a part of the community for a long time then I would issue a ban of approximately 1-2 Months, depending on their previous ban history. As always I would log the ban via the appropriate channels.

2.1 You must stay in character at all times in the event there’s an issue

This rule is typically something that newer players tend to breach. Personally, this is something that can be addressed as a non-staff member, most people are not properly educated about the rules (although they are supposed to read them) and most of the time just simply need a verbal warning for them to be able to continue to roleplay throughout Infinity Gaming. However, if a ‘seasoned’ player is constantly talking and going in and out of roleplay then that is something that can be treated differently. Depending on the situation I would typically issue a 1-2 Day ban so that the player can reflect and become remorseful for their actions.

2.10 Unwarranted Interjection into Roleplay Situations.

Again, this is something that is typically breached by the newer players in the city. This rule is personally one of the most ‘annoying’ ones that community members face and often goes hand in hand with other rule breaches like trolling and cop baiting. This rule breach could look like pulling up next to a police officer at a traffic stop and forcing yourself to interrupt the scenario negatively. Depending on the rule breakers’ staff history as well as their intent to roleplay I would most likely issue a 3-week ban for newer players, and a 1 Month + ban for older and experienced players. My personal opinion is that tiprat behaviour is not acceptable.

1.9 Advertising of any other servers will not be tolerated.

An example of this could be that someone is spamming discord links and server advertisements in OOC chat. I would tackle this by clearing the OOC chat, then depending on how many times the individual sent the message or if they continue after the chat cleared, I would disable the OOC chat temporarily and then focus my attention on the rule breaker. I would then ban them permanently, there is zero chance that the person was advertising a different server ‘by accident’. The individual also portrayed a severe level of NITRP (No Intent To Roleplay) which again is not tolerated.

If any, what level of understanding do you have of txAdmin? Have you used it previously?

I’ve used txAdmin quite a few times. Whether it is restarting servers, banning players, kicking players etc. I’ve used txAdmin at a server owner level as well as a trial moderator level, my experience varies. I like to think that I have a very good understanding of txAdmin and have spent hours banning and kicking people. However, I believe that I have a better understanding of EasyAdmin, however, my willingness to learn, listen and respond to feedback would mean that I would hopefully become just as proficient in txAdmin.

A user is RDMing and insulting other users. You are the only staff available to deal with the situation. What do you do?

First of all, I’d open the report and gather as much information as possible. I’d then spectate the rule breaker or no clip around them. Depending on the severity of his RDM I would either freeze him (If it is seriously ruining most players’ time), or I would wait for a gap in his RDM and then speak to him. I would bring him to a place that is away from anyone nearby to avoid ruining their immersion of nearby players then speak to the person. From there I would educate him about the severity of the rules he’s breached and issue his punishment of a 2-week ban (depending on his staff history). I would then log the ban in the appropriate channels with clip evidence. From there I would then ‘pick up the pieces’ from the user’s RDM by reviving the necessary people and explaining that he was dealt with accordingly. I would then close the reports related to that user so that the staff that sign on later aren’t confused by the reports and such.

There is a large gathering of players in Legion Square. A user decided to drive his phantom straight into Legion Square and run over as many players as possible. What rules have been broken and how do you deal with the situation?

There are quite a few rules that this user has broken, the main/standout one is vehicle death match or VDM, which often goes hand in hand with NITRP, Unwanted interjection and more. If I was conducting staff duties during that time, I would listen to the more senior staff in staff chat or if there were only trial moderators around I would hopefully lead the situation. I would make sure that at least one person is reviving people, whilst the other (myself) deals with the offender. I would take the offender away to an out-of-roleplay area and question the individual as to the reasoning for his VDM. There is rarely any valid excuse for a rule breach like this however, to remain impartial I would still listen to the user. From there I would educate him on his rule breach and what to do next time so he doesn’t re-offend then issue a ban of 1-2 Months (Depending on the individual’s history).

A user has threatened to DDOS and take down the server. What do you do? Who would you contact?

I would document and gather information based on the attack as soon as possible, I’d log the user’s name, time and date of the threat and any other relevant details.

From there, I would quickly contact higher staff and provide them with the aforementioned evidence of the threat. Then collaborate with them to find the appropriate course of action.

Depending on the truthfulness and severity of the threat, the correct option may be to directly speak to the user. I’d remain calm and maintain a professional tone whilst emphasising the seriousness and strictly prohibited behaviour that the offender is partaking in.

I’m sure that there are several preventative measures in place for situations like this but, it most likely will involve the most senior individuals to either ramp up server security and more.

In my opinion, this is where it gets out of the normal users ‘paygrade’, I’d assume that the server provider should be notified and that it should be reported to the necessary individuals.

Last, of all, I’d monitor and evaluate the situation constantly for the next few hours for any unusual behaviour.

There is an Admin that keeps giving people weapons and items (When he is not supposed to), What do you do? Who would you contact?

I’m unsure as to how internal staff investigations work within the Infinity gaming staff team. However, as with anything evidence is crucial. I would gather as much evidence as possible and document it so that I can assemble all information to form a staff complaint.

A user has joined the server and started to spam racial slurs over OOC and voice communication, how would you handle the situation?

Due to the destructive nature of this offender, the first thing I would do would be to ban the individual for a breach of rule 1.2 as soon as possible. I would then clear chat ASAP and then educate community members that the individual is gone (this tends to alleviate the situation where people are making a ‘big deal of it’ in OOC chat). I would make sure to log and document the proof of the ban then continue with staff duties or go back to RP.

A user has reported a “troll” has been Mass VDMing but they have no footage or other valid evidence, You have been given an ID, What can you possibly do to determine if these claims are true without footage?

The easiest way to determine the claims would be to spectate the ID or no clip around him to see if the user is continuing with the trolling and Mass VDMing. If not then there is another route that I would take, I would view kill logs and see if the user has killed anyone else with a vehicle previously. If so, then I would possibly go and speak to the people who were killed and see if they have any proof. Last of all, if there are any other open reports about a similar thing then I would attend to those and see if they have evidence.

'Bradley’ has just been in a pursuit with police, his vehicle contains drugs and illegal weapons. At some point, Bradley crashed his vehicle during the pursuit, stole a road-bike and evaded police up a mountain/offroad. Police have now seized the vehicle left behind. 5 minutes later, police notice items being removed from the vehicle. Bradley has gone to impound and is now offloading the contents of the vehicle. What rules have been broken(if any)? How would you proceed to handle the situation?

One of the main rules that Bradley is breaching is exploiting. This is defined as an intentional Use of a bug or glitch to gain an unfair advantage or use of a feature in a way unintended by the Developers. Bradley intentionally brought his car out in order for him to get access to ‘illegal’ items so that he would not lose them. To solidify this, his actions were not intended by the developers. He would also be breaching the Fail RP rule, as what he is doing is not in the slightest way realistic. I would then talk to Bradley (Staff vest on of course) and determine his ‘reason’ to remain impartial. I would then educate him on his wrongdoings, look at his previous punishment history and possibly issue him a ban. Before banning him I would clear his pockets and give the evidence back to the police in either the form of putting it back in the car or simply giving it to the right person.

‘Marilyn’ is a devious criminal of the underworld, constantly wanted by police and committing heinous acts of crime! During a situation, Marilyn acquires herself weapons from a police officers body. After equipping the 2-handed weapon at a car boot, Marilyn holds the weapon in her hand, then pulls her phone out and puts it away. Marilyn then carries on about her business. Shortly after, Marilyn gets arrested by police, put in hand-cuffs and taken to the station. While being taken to the cells, Marilyn decides to tackle officers, and run away on foot, eventually stealing a civilian vehicle. During this high speed pursuit down the highway, a police officer intentionally drives down the oncoming lane and has a head on collision with Marilyn, leading to her death because she was not wearing a seatbelt. What rules have been broken(if any)? How would you proceed to handle the situation?

This situation as per any, has two sides to the story. In terms of Marilyn, she has committed quite a few rule breaches they follow periodically. From my understanding, she pulled the phone out whilst she had the 2 hander to hide it from showing up for other users. This in itself would be classified as an exploit as she intentionally pulled her phone out in order for herself to hide the 2 hander. Again, this would’ve been unintended by developers. After Marilyn gets arrested she is then cuffed and somehow steals a local car. Marilyn had breached the Fail RP rule as well as the power gaming rule. Marilyn was in cuffs and realistically had no way of properly stealing a car, hotwiring the car and engaging in a high-speed police pursuit. This is plain, unrealistic and does not align with the city’s ethos and views.

The second individual involved (the police officer) breached the Fear Life Rule. In my personal and professional opinion, the police officer completely disregarded his life in order for the pursuit to be stopped. This is not only a breach of server rules but also a breach of police protocol.

To proceed to the punishment/resolution section of things, I would review both individuals’ punishment history and then from there speak to another more experienced staff member to get their opinion on the situation. I would then issue Marilyn with a ban (making sure that I log and document the ban + proof) and either officially warn or issue a ban for the police officer.

Any further comments:

The aforementioned punishment lengths may not necessarily align with the same severity that infinity gaming issues. This is due to my previous history as a staff member in other cities. It should be noted that my choice of ban lengths will always be based on the factors at hand.


I appreciate the time you have taken to read this application.

Many Thanks,


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Hello @vybe.tm

It was decided that your staff application shall be ACCEPTED

Please contact me on discord for further information.

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