Valentino Blake's UwU Cat Cafe Application

Out Of Character | Information

Steam Name and URL:


Your Discord Name:


How long have been in Infinity city?

Since December 2021.

Have you had any Warnings or Bans by Staff?

Yes I have warning and bans by staff.

Have you read and understand Infinity Gaming Community Rules and Guidelines?


In Character | Information

Characters Full Name?:

Valentino Blake

Date Of Birth:

22/11/1999 (22nd November 1999)

Phone Number:


Do you have a current Drivers Licence?

Yes I do.

Do you have a criminal Record?: (Will under go a background check)

Yes I do.

Why do you want to work with us at Uwu Cat Café?

I want to work for UwU because, I am wanting to have a food job and UwU is the best food business in the city.

How available are you to work?

7PM to 11PM Weekdays
11AM to 5AM Weekends

What strengths can you bring to the business?

I have good communication, I am a fast learner, and I am active in the city.

What qualities are you looking to improve?

Get more customers and make people buy more tasting food then 7/11 food.

Do you have any prior experience with customer service? If so, please provide an example.

Yes I currently work at Luxury Autos.

Thank you for applying to Uwu cat Café. Your application is currently being reviewed by Uwu Management. We will be in touch soon.

Dear Valentino,

Thank you for taking an interest in Uwu. Unfortunately your application has been denied.
We do wish you the best of luck in your career and hope you find a job that bests suits you.

Kind regards.