UWU Application!

Out Of Character | Information

Steam Name and URL: Revo (https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198069042957/)

Your Discord Name: revoftw

How long have been in Infinity city? 2weeks!

Have you had any Warnings or Bans by Staff? Nope!

Have you read and understand Infinity Gaming Community Rules and Guidelines? Yus!

In Character | Information

Characters Full Name?: Katie Kay

Date Of Birth: 11/06/1992

Phone Number: 0482024544

Do you have a current Drivers Licence? Yes! 

Do you have a criminal Record?: (Will under go a background check) Nope!

Why do you want to work with us at Uwu Cat Café? I'm always happy to help out and contribute to the community in any way I can! And who doesn't love petting cats? It's the perfect way to de-stress and unwind. And as for work, I couldn't agree more - coz uwu is definitely the best place to work at! I love the colorful foods they offer, it always brightens up my day :3

How available are you to work? im a midday / nightowl so normaly im around 2pm - 430pm and then 12am - 5am, then on my work days off normaly around all day if nothing else planned

What strengths can you bring to the business? all of them, i like helping the community eat and not die

What qualities are you looking to improve? none! i like everything the way it is :D

Do you have any prior experience with customer service? If so, please provide an example. i work at bennys and half also owned UWU in the past in another city, as well as working at mechanics all the time

Nichoals Mendoza…

+1 Shes actually pre cool