Sterlings ban appeal

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    Steam Community :: Sterling
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    I dont remember
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    Dear Community Members, Staff and to the Infinity Gaming community as a whole.

I was Banned from from Infinity for purchasing spawned money from a Modder. When I was offered this deal, I was so overwhelmed in excited to finally purchase my dream cars and have fun but the truth is, I wish I understood the damages prior to continuing with my actions. It was completely selfish and upsetting how damaging my actions were, also what I did was totally out of my character and really stupid.
Since being banned, I have had the time to reflect on my actions and I have understood very clearly that performing the actions I did, critically damages the roleplay experience and damages the economy within the city. I have now realised how damaging performing this action was, damaging and putting a dent in the economy and the value of my fellow community member’s hard work. Purchasing this money was one of the most regretful decisions I have made once aware of the total damages that occurred and or possibly could of occurred. I know this sounds like I only understand my rule breaches once caught, but this is a massive awakening and understanding that all my actions may have a negative effect. I have now had time to read over the server rules and community guidelines, this has given me the confidence in knowing when im able to roleplay again in this fantastic community, I will be able to do it in full confidence In following all rules present to me.

I know for a fact people work hard for their money and exploiting this was seriously the wrong decision. As addressed previously, I have dedicated my free spare time to learn from my disgusting actions and understand that there is possible consequences to any actions performed by anyone. I fully understand and comprehend my actions have altered my experience within the city and ruined many aspects for myself and others, but I am here today to address the fact that I am matured and developed as a person to better myself for the community and others surrounding it. During this time I have also realized the amount of effort and dedication that the staff, development team and community members as a whole have put into infinity gaming to create this amazing server and how precious it is to others. I have now carried this preciousness and continue to think positive and learn from whatever actions I perform, even good to bad. Outlining that my actions have altered and damage this bond between myself and the community but I am here determined to repair this bond and be apart this community once again.

Being apart of the community once again will be a stepping stone for myself to progress throughout adventures within the city, such as being apart of the police force, also being apart of organizations/business throughout my time to involve myself in the in-depth roleplay that is to offer inside infinity gaming. Since learning from my actions, being banned on infinity gaming has really hit a sweet spot where I miss this community and the roleplay experience within it. It was an absolute ball, meeting and greeting so many other individuals that enjoy roleplay as much as I do.

Lastly, I would like to address that due to my reflection of my actions and determination to being unbanned, I am willing to perform the upmost roleplay and prove to the community that doing what I did was a one off thing that will never happen again. I am willing to involve myself in in-depth roleplay as I have informed myself on the community guidelines and ruling surrounding roleplay. As I have a positive outlook on this and used this time to reflect deeply, my roleplay will be an attractive style to other users and hopefully will encourage others to follow in my footsteps to becoming a better individual for the community as a whole.

I have put a lot of work and time into this ban appeal, I hope this is showing that I have learnt deeply from my actions. I have lost count of how many ban appeals on various versions of the infinity forms. I am dedicated to get unbanned and prove to you that I am able to do whatever is needed to be done but 110% better.

Appreciate your time fellow community,

Good Afternoon, @Sterling

It was decided that your ban appeal shall be,


You have been unbanned :heart:

Harambe | Community Manager

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