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Character Information

Full Name: What is your character’s full name, including any nicknames or aliases?

  • Stefan Valkyrius aka “Papa Steve”

Date Of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY)

  • 04/05/1965

Country Of Birth (If outside of Australia, please specify citizenship status & date of citizenship)

  • Australia

Family Tree, Heritage & Genealogy: Does your character have any family members or close relatives? If so, who are they, and what is the nature of their relationships? (Note: Any names not included within this biography unless later approved by the Federal Government will not legally be considered family members in a legal procedures, practices, etc.)

  • Family Tree -
    Spouse: Evelynn Valkyrius - Deceased
    Brothers: Timoteus and Magnus Valkyrius
    Sons: Zach, Jeff and Rex Valkyrius

The family name traces back to Scandinavian origins. As the Valkyrius family navigated through the centuries, their seafaring legacy expanded beyond the Nordic shores, with some members participating in the exploration of distant lands. Settling in different parts of the world, they seamlessly integrated into diverse cultures, branching out their ventures into more clandestine and unconventional pursuits, thus laying the foundations for a shadowy network of illicit enterprises that operated discreetly beneath the surface of legitimate trade.

Education, Experience & Employment: What is your character’s level of education? Did they attend college, vocational school, or have any specialized training? What does your character do for a living? Are they employed or self-employed, and in what industry or profession? (Ensure you state all degrees, certifications, experience, current/previous employment information, etc.)

  • Steve has his high school certificate but did not attend any tertiary institutions for further education. Instead he went on to start learning the family business, eventually taking it over and help build it into an empire. Most of his experience and knowledge comes first hand and through learning things the hard way. Since handing The Company over to his sons to run, Steve has enjoyed a more peaceful life - working in his brothers Café where he brings a wealth of experience to make sure it’s a successful business venture.

Personality: Describe your character’s personality traits, both positive and negative. What are their strengths and weaknesses?

  • Personality Traits:
    • Partial Deafness (or selective hearing) - At times he can be hard of hearing, at other times he just doesn’t want to listen.
    • Not good with technology - Steve is good at many things… keeping up with the latest technology isn’t one of them. He is a fast learner though.
    • Forgetful at times - Sometimes even the simplest things can be in one ear and out the other. If it’s not written down, consider it forgotten.
    • Strategic Thinker - Known for making well-thought-out decisions that consider long-term consequences and benefits
    • Innovative - Always seeking new and creative solutions to business challenges
    • Resilient - Able to bounce back from setbacks and learn from failures
    • Deceptive - Steve is notorious for exploiting the vulnerability of those who perceive him as a kind, elderly figure due to his wrinkled appearance. He consistently takes advantage of their gullibility, leveraging the misconception to his benefit whenever there is a substantial gain at stake
    • Has been known to over-indulge in the ‘booger sugar’ - so he’s been told…

Hobbies and Interests: What does your character enjoy doing in their free time? Any specific hobbies, interests, or passions?

  • Enjoys looking after animals, telling long stories (“…back in my day”), hunting and fishing. He is a self-proclaimed enthusiast for speed and style, having a soft spot for iconic cars like the Mustang and Corvette - even if it means stealing it. Having married young, Steve is now interested in exploring all of the things he missed out on as a young adult.

Goals and Ambitions: What are your character’s long-term goals and ambitions in the city? What do they hope to achieve?

  • Steve hopes that his sons find success in running The Company and that he, along with his brothers, can guide them on their journey to achieve all of their goals. Steve also wishes for his brothers’ café to be prosperous and hopes for success in all of his endeavors. Steve is aiming for a quieter lifestyle but still with a hint of adventure and a little bit of trouble. He is eager to embrace technology more and ‘get with the times,’ hoping to one day acquire an electric sports vehicle the legitimate way. Not sure how long that desire will last though (doing it legitimately)…

Friends and Allies: Who are your character’s friends or allies in the city? Are there any specific groups or factions they are affiliated with?

  • Steve has forged numerous alliances and, inevitably, accumulated a few enemies through his business ventures. Listing them all would prove challenging, as new deals may be brokered and new adversaries may emerge with each expansion and new business opportunity. While hostile takeovers and adversarial situations are not desirable in business, they can sometimes emerge as unintended consequences of The Company’s remarkable success.

Enemies and Rivals: Does your character have any enemies or rivals, and what is the source of their conflicts?

  • See above answer

Criminal Record: Has your character been involved in any criminal activities in the past? If so, what kind of activities have they been involved in?

  • Steve has been involved in numerous criminal activities since his early 20s. From money-laundering, drugs, counterfeiting and the exportation of stolen vehicles - if it could make money fast, Steve was interested. Being at the head of The Company, Steve was able to avoid a criminal record by having great lawyers, creative accountants and subordinates to do his dirty work. The worst thing law enforcement have managed to make ‘stick’ is a few measly spreading and parking tickets which he didn’t even end up paying… His lawyers were able to get those removed on a technicality.

Personal Beliefs: What are your character’s personal beliefs, values, and ethics? Are they religious or politically inclined?

  • Steve is known to demonstrate sound judgment, wisdom, and fairness in his decision-making processes. He is able to consider various perspectives without letting personal biases or emotions unduly influence his conclusions. Although he is cunning and ruthless in business, he does have a soft-spot for the ‘little guy’ and cant always look the other way if something doesnt sit right with him. No religious affiliations.

Relationships: Is your character in a romantic relationship or involved with anyone romantically? If so, who is their partner, and how did they meet?

  • Nothing serious or long term

Physical Description: Describe your character’s physical appearance, including height, weight, hair colour, eye colour, and distinctive features.

  • Pushing 60, getting on in age but still reasonably fit. Grey hair, a few wrinkles, brown eyes. 6ft tall. Endurance levels aren’t the greatest and generally slow to move around but still capable of short bursts when required. No tattoos at this stage.

Backstory: Provide a detailed backstory of your character, including any significant life events, turning points, or experiences that have shaped who they are.

Steve, along with his brothers Timoteus and Magnus, assumed control of The Company from their father and embarked on an expansion strategy, acquiring numerous small businesses to diversify and create a mini-empire. This approach allowed them to maintain a step ahead of the law. As they aged and struggled to keep pace with rapid technological advancements, the decision arose to usher in the next generation.

With Timoteus and Magnus having no children of their own (that they know of…), the torch was passed to Zach, Jeff, and Rex. The trio would now carry the legacy forward, with Steve and his brothers remaining integral parts of The Company, serving in advisory roles to ensure the family’s enduring impact and to pick up the slack as needed.

During this transition, Steve and Timoteus, seeking a more simple existence, chose to legitimise one of their businesses - a venture close to their hearts. Now, in their later years, they find solace in spending their days managing a business they genuinely care about - a quiet little café.

As Steve and his brothers gracefully embrace old age, their journey has been one of richness and wonder. The days of strategically outsmarting the law are gradually giving way to a newfound acceptance of risks and a hint of nostalgia. Occasionally, they indulge in some daring behaviour, reliving the glory days and grasping at the essence of youth that resides in those memories.

Current Situation: What is your character’s current situation within the city? Are they new to the city, or have they been there for a while?

  • Steve is new to the city, hoping to bring his wealth of business knowledge to a new enterprise in the city. Embracing this change of scenery and change of pace, Steve is hopeful and excited about the adventures it has promised to bring.
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