Sins Garage Application Template


Out Of Character Info:

Most Commonly Know Name:

Discord Name:

Steam Profile URL:

How long have you been a part of the Infinity Gaming community? (Minimum, 2 Weeks)

Have you read the rules in the Sins Garage discord? if not do so!
“yes or no”

Have you been warned/banned by staff for anything? If so, what?

Age? (Minimum, 16)

In Character Info:


Phone Number:

Organization (REQUIRED):

Do you have a police record, if yes what?

How many hours a week are you willing to chip in?

Why would you like to work for Sins Garage? (50 words minimum)

Do you have any previous experience as a mechanic? (25 words minimum)

Why should we hire you over another Applicant? (25 words minimum)

Do you understand that if you hurt the Business Financially or its Reputation you will be Warned or Fired?