Shaequia James application for the nswpf

Out-Of-Character Information

  • Steam:
    ~h~~g~[801] ~p~Timmy S.

  • Discord:

  • Age:
    I am 16 years of age

  • How long you have been apart of the Infinity Gaming Community?
    ive playing in the infinity gaming commuinity for 230 hours but i recently took a break so it would be alot higher than it is if i kept playing.

  • Do you have a computer that is capable of recording and back-capturing in-game video footage?
    Yes I have been using a clipping software for around a year now and i have had no problems

  • Do you have any experience from other communities playing a police/military character?
    Yes ive played on a server called BCDOJRP i was a master trooper on it and was a highly respected officer and had over 400+ hours on as a LEO

In-Character Information

  • What is your name?
    Shaequia James

  • What is your date of birth?

  • Tell us about yourself (minimum 2 paragraphs)
    I was a child that was raised up in a pretty wealthy life as, i grew up my father was a police officer and I have always looked up to him and respected him during my teens. I have looked at the nswpf with respect with hopes with one day becoming a police officer for the new south wales police force In my late teens early twenty’s I really started to think about applying for the new south wales police force and here i am.

  • Why do you want to be a part of the New South Wales Police Force?
    I would like to be apart of the new south wales police force for the experience and to keep the streets safe of criminals and try to help them live a better crime free life. Also to meet new people and have fun times with my peer’s.

  • What strengths can you bring to the New South Wales Police Force? (Ex: Communication, Fast Learner)

  1. My strength’s i will bring are Integritty,honesty,truency,profeshinalism and being a hard worker I’m also really good on the radio I’m always clear I stay calm under stressful situations (edited)

  2. [19:14]

What area of personal improvement do you believe you could work on during your career?

  • What area of personal improvement do you believe you could work on during your career?
    I know I will cover a lot within the area regarding impersonal improvement i am a fast learner and quick to follow orders

  • Have you had any interactions with members of the New South Wales Police Force and if so, were those interactions positive or negative?
    Yes I have had many interactions with members of the new south wales police force all of them being good they think I’m a great person and I think they are great people.

  • How would you show professionalism and integrity while you are on duty?
    I wont act in a way that is unprofessional I will always be serious and keep a positive attitude towards anyone if they are being difficult or disobedient.

  • How would you display safe working behaviours while you are on duty?

  1. I will not play around being silly I will always follow procedure and be professional at all times I will take all safety rules and follow the rules. (edited)
  • As part of the police application process, a criminal history and licence status check is carried out to confirm your suitability and this will be carried out prior to you being inducted as a probationary constable. Concealing information about your criminal history can result in immediate denial of your application. Have you ever received any infringement notices directly from a police officer and have you ever been arrested, had licences revoked, served a time of imprisonment or otherwise had bail conditions placed on you to be of good behaviour?
    No I haven’t committed any crimes or haven’t even received a ticket for speeding my record is as clean as it comes.

  • Have you acquired a firearms licence and full unrestricted driver’s licence prior to submitting this application?

Yes i have acquired a firearms licence i have completed my firearms licence i got 100% on the test.

  • Are you willing to take orders from anyone, regardless of age or gender?

Yes i am willing to take orders from anyone regardless of age gender race ext

  • Do you agree to be bound by the conditions, rules and regulations set out in the Police Protocol and the law of New South Wales?

Yes i agree to the conditions, rules and regulations to the police protocal

  • Do you understand that failure to abide by the Police Protocol can result in disciplinary action?

Yes i understand in every shape or form.

Hello Shaequia James,

Your application to the New South Wales Police Academy has been DENIED. This is due to some of the answers you have given being too short and don’t provide enough details or examples. I would like to see more effort put into your next application if you are to do one.

Feel free to re-apply for the Police Force after a week. We look forward to your re-application.

Would like to see more detail in your answers please.


C1-11 | Frazer Hammer
Commissioner - NSW Police Force