Samuel Machete application

OOC Questions.

Discord name - Samuel_Machete

Steam profile URL - Steam Community :: Samuel Machete

How long have you been apart of IG - about 5 months

IC Questions

Name -

Date of Birth - 24/03/1992

Phone Number - 0480383021

Tell us about yourself [ 1 paragraph min ] -

Hello I’m Samuel Machete, I’m a 31 years old and I’m a only child in my family, I lived in a small town up in the northern territory with my mother ands father who has sadly passed away due to being involved in a bad car crash and they sadly didn’t make it, so then I moved down to NSW to get my life back on track on.

Why would you like to join the POP’s Team? -
Working in a restaurant can be an exciting and rewarding experience, especially if you have a passion for food

Why do you think you would suit working here? - my ability to work with customers and colleagues

What skills can you bring? - i can bring really good customers service

Any feedback? - Food