Register Of Security Licences

Register of security licences


Approved security provider - any individual who a) successfully completes the induction training of a government-recognised security business, b) maintains an active employment status with the same agency and c) is carrying out security duties under Part 15 of the Law Enforcement Act 2021 (NSW).

Security officer - any employee of a government-approved security business that carries out security duties as part of its regular business.

All security businesses and approved security providers will be listed under this register. A licence may have a status of ACTIVE, SUSPENDED or REVOKED. A business or a person may only carry out security duties with an ACTIVE security licence which enables individual staff members to use that businesses’ security licence instead of an individual licence. Committing criminal offences as a staff member of a security business can result in the business licence being temporarily suspended or permanently revoked.

Applying for a security licence

An individual may apply to a magistrate or a police officer ranked Inspector and above to obtain a security licence, provided that the person does not have serious criminal convictions listed against their record (generally offences with a sentence of imprisonment of 10 months or more)

A business may apply via a Court Order to the Department of Justice to gain a business-class security licence.

Applications must be submitted via the Department of Justice discord server (Infinity Gaming | Department of Justice) using the #self-service channel.

Relevant laws

Part 15 of the Law Enforcement Act 2021 (NSW)

Part 2 and Part 7 of the Government and Commercial Services Act 2022 (NSW)


Format: Licence type | Name | Phone # | Licence status | Date updated

Business | Bolingbroke Penitentiary Service | x | ACTIVE | 22/2/2023

Business | Gruppe6 | x | ACTIVE | 22/2/2023

Business | Vanilla Unicorn | x | ACTIVE | 19/7/2023