RedFlag957 | Community Ban Appeal

  • List of current & known previous names(s):

  • List of current & known previous Steam username(s):

  • List of current & known previous Discord username(s):

  • Which member of Community staff issued your ban?:
    Unsure. Possibly TopGun

  • When was your ban issued and how long has it been since the ban was issued?
    Also Unsure I believe 6+ Months ago

  • What was the reason given by Community staff for your ban?:
    OOC Toxicity, Doxing - Unsure exactly as I haven’t seen the ban message nor can I find it.

  • Is the reason given by Community staff for your ban accurate or relevant to the situation or events that occurred?:
    Yes The ban is deserved

  • Why do you believe that you should be unbanned from our Community?:

Hello all,

I’m sure many of you reading this are aware of my reasons for being banned, Firstly I would like to apologise to those that were involved it seems that in the heat of the moment my emotions got the better of me to which resulted in a rather out the gate video being published by myself. This is very unlike me and its horrible to think I was the one who made this.

I have been within the community now for around 1.5 years and have contributed in a large range of things across the board to do with IG, From leading an ORG to becoming a high ranking member of the police and owning a business. I have always wanted to do my best for the IG community and my actions of the past have ruined what I stood for.

While I have not got the best track record for server rule breaks and so on I have always done my best to provide good RP and think of those around me towards each situation I have been apart of. I have made many awesome friends and have continue to do so from my time away from IG however I would like to return to continue the endeavor of having fun and meeting new people.

I would also like to apologise to those that I mistreated during my time within the community. It is not a positive reflection of myself and that of the community.

While I understand that my consequences are very much justified I would like to have the opportunity to prove myself again and show that I can be a valuable member of the community like I once was a be a positive role model to those around me.

I can assure you my actions of my past will not result again in the future.

Kind Regards,

As one of the people who was “Doxxed” in the video, I do not feel comfortable with Redflag being unbanned from this community.

Since the toxicity around the event of my departure from IG 1.0 l, I have been contacted or spoken to two members of the events that led up to it, who have apologized or at very least spoken about it. RedFlag not being one of them.

I don’t care if someone’s emotions got the better of them, Peoples Social media,phone numbers , Home addresses, Explicit photos, and personal pictures were uploaded to YouTube (A video which is still accessible on YouTube as an Unlisted video) which hasn’t been deleted as of last week.

It is for the above reasons that I would like to see this ban appeal denied.

Hey mate,

I understand what you’re saying however I also would like the truth to be shared on this. Video was deleted about 4 months ago well before this appeal was even put in or before my unban from the discord.

On the apology note I did not feel it sensible to reach out to those to apologise considering what was done.

Thank you for your response and feedback.

I can see now that the video has been deleted which I do appreciate however last week (Or week before) when I was gathering evidence of it’s continued existence (after one of the people who provided you information reached out to me to apologize) it was still marked as an Unlisted video on YouTube.

I do however appreciate that is now gone

While I won’t touch on the reason of Redflag’s ban and can’t apologise on his behalf, I can confidently say that the roleplay he brings to each situation he is in is always top notch and is always a blast to watch. I can see that in the months leading on from his forced departure from 1.0 he has grown as a person and matured past the toxic mentality that unfortunately a lot of us in that period were affected by, myself included. I strongly believe he will be a great addition to the 2.0 community and will vouch for him if my opinion matters at all.

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