ProspectOnTwitch Content Creator Application

  • Username:

  • Steam URL:
    Steam Community :: Prospect ♿

  • Discord ID:

  • How old are you? (Minimum: 16)

  • If applicable, please provide a link to your streaming discord: Twitch

  • What platform do you use? (Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, etc.)
    Twitch, TikTok and Youtube

  • How long have you been creating content for?
    On and off for over 5 years, But this current channel i am starting fresh

  • How often do you provide content to your audience?
    I stream as least 2-3 hours a day, And planning on posting weekly YouTube clips, as well as daily TikTok clips

  • How long have you been a member of the Community?
    Ive been a member of the IG community id say for at least 2 years on and off.

  • What are your intentions in becoming a content creator?
    To be honest my main streaming goals are to hit affiliate before 09/10 , To create a fun and safe environment/ community, and to do a charity stream and donate a total of 1000 AUD

  • Are you aware of the Community Guidelines, Server Rules & Regulations and the Expectations of a Content Creator?
    Of course, and i will abide by all guidelines and community regulations, and i will strive to maintain the professionalism that IG has maintained