Planets Discord Ban Appeal

  • In game name(s) or most known by name: Planet or Donald Duck

  • Steam profile link: Steam Community :: Planet

  • Steam Name: Planet

  • Discord Name (with hashtag): ._planet.

  • Length of Ban: Perma

  • Reason of the Ban: Racial remark that was made

  • Why should we unban you?:

First things first I would like to apologise to the IG community for my language and trolling I did that led up to this ban being given, My actions were unjust and were uncalled for, I understand that whilst nearing the end of my time in IG I did a lot of trolling on the message board and even after receiving a few timeouts I did not stop, after this happened approx. 3 days later I said this racial remark, and I take full responsibility for everything I did. Now since this ban was given I have changed, I am more mature and understand when I take things to far, therefore if I am given a second chance I will not take it lightly and be on my best behaviour, IG was a place I called home for a year and a half, and I am just wanting another shot at being in the city.

Kind Regards,

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any update on this? been a month and a bit

Can I get an update on this?

any update on this.?

I Submitted your request to the team and unfortunately your appeal has been denied, Remember you can always re apply for a ban request at a later date (Try to add more info if you can or add why you believe you should be allowed back etc. etc. and ill try to get it done as soon as possible :slight_smile: Thank you for your patience on this.


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