Planets Discord Ban Appeal

  • In game name(s) or most known by name: Planet or Donald Duck

  • Steam profile link: Steam Community :: Planet

  • Steam Name: Planet

  • Discord Name (with hashtag): ._planet.

  • Length of Ban: Perma

  • Reason of the Ban: Racial remark that was made

  • Why should we unban you?:

First things first I would like to apologise to the IG community for my language and trolling I did that led up to this ban being given, My actions were unjust and were uncalled for, I understand that whilst nearing the end of my time in IG I did a lot of trolling on the message board and even after receiving a few timeouts I did not stop, after this happened approx. 3 days later I said this racial remark, and I take full responsibility for everything I did. Now since this ban was given I have changed, I am more mature and understand when I take things to far, therefore if I am given a second chance I will not take it lightly and be on my best behaviour, IG was a place I called home for a year and a half, and I am just wanting another shot at being in the city.

Kind Regards,

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