Pedro El Soto NSW EMS Application

Out-Of-Character Information:

  • Steam: Steam Community :: ChunkyXRX

  • Discord:itsblakex

  • How long have you been playing at Infinity Gaming?: About a year and half probably longer, On and off.

In-Character Information:

  • What is your name? Pedro El Soto

  • What is your date of birth? 04/07/1998

  • Tell us about yourself: Pedro El Soto is a name that originates from my father who lived in Mexico but after a massive war in home town, he decided he would immigrate over to Australia where he met my mother and soon had me in 1998, I was a very athletic person in my younger years and still am, I played competitive hockey while I was young and sooner quit in my later years of high school, I tried to keep up with schools curriculum and I did fairly well at doing so, I got decent schools, not the best but its still better than most people, I spend my time doing routine activities around the city such as mining but other than that, I’m just hanging out with friends and roaming around the place. I served in the Australian Army for 2 years after school and during study time but later found out it wasn’t the best for me.

  • **What have you done to prepare for a career in EMS? I’ve studied at Tafe for a advanced certification in medical training and I’ve done a little bit of nursing, I also have done a degree in medical sciences during my time in the army. **

  • Have you ever been arrested? No.

  • Do you have a criminal record? No.

  • Why do you want to be a part of the NSW EMS Department? I would like to be in the ems department because I would like to help people when they’re down and in need of help and getting those people back to shape and back to full recovery.

  • What qualities can you bring to the New South Wales Emergency Medical Services? I can bring my positive and happy upstanding attitude to the NSW Emergency Medical service and soon or later bring more ideas and qualities to EMS.

  • What would you like to see changed within the New South Wales Emergency Medical Services?
    I’m actually not sure on this one, it is already a really good department but I believe there could be more things we can do.

  • Are you willing to take orders from higher ranks?
    Yes I am.

When you’re available please join the Official Infinity Gaming EMS Discord @ (Discord), read and accept the message in “rules” and create an Induction ticket. A member of the Training team will claim the ticket and plan an Interview date with you!

Until then, go and get all the appropriate licenses (FULL Drivers Licence) & please read carefully over the (NSWA Protocol ) as this contains all the relevant information and procedures that you will need to abide by. We also have a basic treatment guide available (Basic Treatment Guide ) based on what kinds of injuries you will be seeing in the field and how to treat them. All our employees must also abide with our (NSWA Employee Handbook). Please review all these documents before your training session.

Also, please request to join our club on the city forms using this link. You will be accepted upon successful completion of your training.

Kind regards,

C3-02 | Ian Goreng

NSWA | Assistant Commissioner | FTO Overseer