Paragon Autos | Whitelisted Application Template

Out of Character | Information

  • Provide us with your Steam Profile URL:

  • What is your Discord?: (Paragon#2123)

  • How long have you been apart of the City?:

  • Have you ever received punishment from Staff?:

In-Character | Information

  • What is your full-name?:

  • How old are you?:

  • What is your Date of Birth?:

  • What is your current Phone Number?:

  • When and how available are you throughout the week?:

  • Explain in-detail what qualities you could bring to the Paragon Team:

  • Why do you want to be apart of Paragon Autos? (100+ Words):

  • Why do you believe we should choose you over other applicants? (125+ Words):

  • Do you understand you will have to read and agree to a set of rules that will be enforced at all times?:

  • Any further comments?:

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