NSWPF Application

Out-Of-Character Information

  • Steam:
    Steam: Steam Community :: Cookie Monster

  • Discord:
    Discord: CookieMonster#3654

  • Age:

  • How long you have been apart of the Infinity Gaming Community?
    2 years

  • Do you have a computer that is capable of recording and back-capturing in-game video footage?
    Yes, I have medal

  • Do you have any experience from other communities playing a police/military character?
    Yes, I used to be police on koala tea gaming about 3 years ago for a few months

In-Character Information

  • What is your name?
    Jeremy Clarkson

  • What is your date of birth?

  • Tell us about yourself (minimum 2 paragraphs)
    My name is Jeremy Clarkson, I grew up in NSW and always had a passion for cars. My parents were hard workers that taught me all about cars and I used to work on various different cars over the years together. I was taught respect and was an overall intelligent kid. My interests are all vehicles, and I’ve always loved helping people.

  • Why do you want to be a part of the New South Wales Police Force?
    I would love to protect and server the community of New South Wales to protect the streets and society.

  • What strengths can you bring to the New South Wales Police Force? (Ex: Communication, Fast Learner)
    I can bring respect, loyalty, I can communicate well, I’m a fast learner and strong work ethic, as well as innovative thinking.

  • What area of personal improvement do you believe you could work on during your career?
    I believe I could work on problem solving and become more social within this career to improve myself to provide safety for others.

  • Have you had any interactions with members of the New South Wales Police Force and if so, were those interactions positive or negative?
    Yes I have interacted with New South Wales Police as they asked me how my day was going extremely politely.

  • How would you show professionalism and integrity while you are on duty?
    I would show professionalism by following all New South Wales Police Force guide lines and show responsibility and respect towards everyone in the community. I will follow all rules and listen to hierarchy with anything that is needed to be done.

  • How would you display safe working behaviours while you are on duty?
    I would show safe working behaviours by being respectful, calm, and well aware of every situation that is occurring.

  • As part of the police application process, a criminal history and licence status check is carried out to confirm your suitability and this will be carried out prior to you being inducted as a probationary constable. Concealing information about your criminal history can result in immediate denial of your application. Have you ever received any infringement notices directly from a police officer and have you ever been arrested, had licences revoked, served a time of imprisonment or otherwise had bail conditions placed on you to be of good behaviour?
    I have never been arrested and I have never served any time in jail. My record is clean

  • Have you acquired a firearms licence and full unrestricted driver’s licence prior to submitting this application?
    Yes I have had my firearms license and drivers license for quite a while now.

  • Are you willing to take orders from anyone, regardless of age or gender?
    Yes of course

  • Do you agree to be bound by the conditions, rules and regulations set out in the Police Protocol and the law of New South Wales?

  • Do you understand that failure to abide by the Police Protocol can result in disciplinary action?