Motorcycle Kings

Infinity Gaming 2.0 - Business Application Format

The following is a private out-of-character business application. Information contained within this business application is NOT permitted for in-character use.

Ownership Information:

Primary Owner Information (Full name, link to character biography, discord username, steam profile link):

  • Full character name: Wakali King

  • Character biography: Wakali comes from a long generation of Bikies, growing up Wakali learnt about all things to do with the MC lifestyle. Wakali’s parents were killed in a big MC battle. Wakali found a family with Tortured Souls in which she learnt everything she needed to about the MC world. Wakali soon open The Pink Rebels bikes store and it became a place for the community to discuss the bikie world. Wakali moved cities and was able to open Harley Heaven, which is a store that regularly holds events to promote the city. Wakali is looking for a new home with her family and would love the opportunity to run Motorcycle Kings. Wakali’s life is all about the MC lifestyle.

  • Discord: wakali

  • Steam: wakali

Business Outline & Proposal:

Provide a brief description of the in-game business you propose to open:
Motorcycle Kings
A Motorcycle dealership located in Paleto - a place to buy all types of bikes, to share a love of the MC lifecycle and a place to hold shows on their big stage

Outline your short-term and long-term goals for the business. What are your long-term aspirations for your in-game business, and how do you see it evolving over an extended period? How will you handle challenges or periods of lower activity without compromising the quality of your roleplay? How do you anticipate your business evolving over time to stay relevant and exciting?:

  • Short term goals
  • Providing a place for community to have to purchase a motorcycle
  • Having active staff
  • Being open often
  • regular bike drops

*Long Term goals

  • Putting on large shows for new bike drops
  • Working with other businesses to sponsor events
  • Creating VIP opportunities for the community

Evolving over time - adding new bikes into the store, having some limited edition bikes so only a handful of community can have them, providing a range of events and events occurring often.

What unique roleplay aspects or services will your business offer to enhance the overall server experience? Are there any unique or innovative features you plan to introduce with your business that haven’t been explored in the server before?:

Regular new bike drops of all different types, i want to hold big concerts when we drop new bikes. I also want to give community the chance to own unique bikes as well.

Describe how your business will engage with in-game customers. What kind of customer service roleplay can players expect? How will you handle customer feedback, complaints, and suggestions? Can you provide examples of roleplay scenarios that showcase the depth and authenticity of your business operations?:

I want my bike store to feel like a bike store, a place where people can come to discuss anything to do with bikes, i want it to be a hud for bikies. I will handle customer feedbacks, complaints and suggestions with opportunities for discussions in my office, all complaints and feedbacks will be taken into consideration and suggestions will be discussed between floor managers and higher and see if they would benefit the community.

When a customer orders a bike in, i would take some time for the customer to wait for the bike to arrive as it gives time for the customer and worker to talk about the mc life.

Holding showcase shows when new bikes drop - gives the city a chance to learn about the new bike that is in city - showcase show could include a concert or mini event and then showing the bike off at the end.

Ensuring that customers are looked after and that their questions can be answered by the workers.

Outline your strategies for marketing and advertising your business within the server. Can you propose any unique or creative in-game marketing campaigns to attract attention to your business? How do you plan to keep your business fresh and engaging for players over time? How do you plan to attract and retain customers within the roleplay environment? How do you plan to actively contribute to the server community beyond your business operations?:

I would have posters made that my workers can post when the store is open/close, posters made for on call workers as well. Regular ingame marketing posters to promote new bikes, regular events as well. I plan to drop new bikes regularly to get customers to come back as well as provide sales where a discount could be provide for the day. I want my business to be open regular so customers dont have to wait a long time for a worker. I plan to actively contribute to the server community beyound my business operations by making infinity gaming 2.0 my home and provide a place for community to chill and chat about the mc life.

Are there opportunities for collaboration with other in-game businesses? If yes, how do you envision these partnerships?:

There sure is - I would like to create VIP with other businesses and help promote their business as well, also working with businesses to sponsor events. Also can rent our stage out to businesses as well for concerts, showcases, events.

Are you aware of all server-specific rules and regulations related to in-game businesses that you need to adhere to? How will you ensure that your business operations align with both server rules and the in-game legal framework?:

  • I certainly am - i have ran Pink Rebels and Harley Heaven in two different city which were both successful motorcycle businesses and I was manger for sanders in infinity gaming for over 9 months when Mayo owned the business - - I understand that there are incity rules and server rules that we need to follow and as owner i would ensure to follow these frameworks and review these frameworks often and making sure we are meeting all of theses. Any worker not ensuring that these rules are followed will be removed.

Business Development Information:

What do you believe is required from the development team for your business to operate?:

  • Logo change and photo updates on the wall, ablity to add bikes to the city, and had them to the showcase, a change room so workers can change into their work outfit

If applicable, do you have a location for the business to operate out of? Is there a custom map or default in-game location in which you’d like to use?:

in paleto - i like this one cos of the stage area which would be used to create different roleplay

If applicable, is there a business logo you wish to use? Do you have the copyright permission to use such logo?:

If applicable, provide your business ranking structure with #1 being the highest job role within the business:

  1. Example Role
  • Role Name: Owner

  • Role Description: Oversees the whole business operations

  • (If applicable) Role Permissions: Boss menu, society fund access, ability to hire employees and promote/fire employees, make sales, pay workers

  • Role Name: 2nd In Change

  • Role Description: Oversees the whole business operations

  • (If applicable) Role Permissions: Boss menu, society fund access, ability to hire employees and promote/fire employees, make sales, pay workers

  1. Example Role
  • Role Name: Floor Managers
  • Role Description: Oversees the running of the floor on the bikestore
  • (If applicable) Role Permissions: ability to hire employees and promote/fire employees, make sales
  1. Example Role
  • Role Name: Salesman
  • Role Description: Sell Bikes
  • (If applicable) Role Permissions: make sales
  1. Example Role
  • Role Name: Trainee
  • Role Description: learning about everything in regards to Motorcycles
  • (If applicable) Role Permissions: make sales

Would like to name this business Ride or Die Dealership

Your application is currently under review. You will receive and answer once Developers and Business Management have reviewed.