Mechanic shop 2.0 Business Application

Infinity Gaming 2.0 - Business Application Format

The following is a private out-of-character business application. Information contained within this business application is NOT permitted for in-character use.

Ownership Information:

Primary Owner Information (Full name, link to character biography, discord username, steam profile link):

  • Full character name: Jordan Dominic
  • Character biography:

Jordan is from the south side of Brisbane, growing up in Inala and going to school in Ipswich. Jordans mother was a meth user and was living between shelters in Inala while his father was never around, and left QLD once Lisa said she was keeping Jordan. Jordan was in and out of schools for fighting and wagging and eventually dealing drugs to other students and some teachers. At the age of 15 there wasn’t much left in options of life for Jordan and was approached by a local street gang. As he worked his way up slinging dope and performing store robberies it wasn’t long before the police had interest in Jordan and wanted his arrest. Jordan watched one by one as his fellow gang members and mates put in prison or even killed and decided that it would only be a matter of time before it all caught up to him. It wasn’t long after when Jordans mother died from an overdose and left nothing behind for him.

Jordan formulated a plan to flee from Qld and head for Sydney. From there Jordan sold weed to teens and party goers to make a living and to stay on the low down. Jordan came across one of his usuals back in QLD and he offers Jordan a job at his uncle’s mechanical shop. Jordan decides if he ever wishes to go clean, he must start investing into his career. Jordan works on the floor swinging spanners and answering the occasional phone call. Till one day Jordan is handed a letter from his boss reading that the business hasn’t been profitable for months and has been forced into being shut down. Jordan is devastated and asks what he could do to save the business but it’s too late and the business will be up for sale. Jordan works out that there is only 1 way he can come up with the money and that’s what he knows best, swinging Dope.

Business Outline & Proposal:

Provide a brief description of the in-game business you propose to open:

  • I wish to open a mechanics shop in the centre of city. This business will feature multiple lifts and bays to perform maintenance and customisation as well as a showroom floor and featured displays. It will also have a front counter, sales area, front car park for possible featured car meets and event functions. It will also feature a vehicle repair station where people can get their car fixed.

Outline your short-term and long-term goals for the business. What are your long-term aspirations for your in-game business, and how do you see it evolving over an extended period? How will you handle challenges or periods of lower activity without compromising the quality of your roleplay? How do you anticipate your business evolving over time to stay relevant and exciting?:

  • My short term goals would be to find an active staff list to cover each day and to have multiple people around during Fridays and weekends that are capable of repairing and customising cars. Ideally during weekend having someone making adverts on twitter to make our name be the first place people think to get their car fixed and pimped.

  • My long term goals would be to become the number 1 mechanic shop in the city and offering the best commission and wages for my staff. This is so they continue to work for me and strive to do the best for the company as it’s in their best interest. Another goal once we are up and running is possibly offering a tow service people can call to bring them back to the shop and repair their car at an extra fee.

  • To stay relevant I believe that events will bring in a strong income and activity to the shop such as car meets and themed car meets offering prizes and vouchers to the shop, Another idea would be to be able to have some vehicles imported to the city and have a showcase night / weekend of new vehicles and potential customisation ideas.

What unique roleplay aspects or services will your business offer to enhance the overall server experience? Are there any unique or innovative features you plan to introduce with your business that haven’t been explored in the server before?:

  • We wish to offer the best and most efficient experience for the customer while upholding a higher class establishment over your standard dirty mechanic shops. I would also like to introduce an in house repair area, as the facility has an area that we can offer in house repairs performed by the owner of the vehicle (if no one is around). If you’ve got damage to your car you can bring it into the mechanics and have it fixed (like the marked areas outside of grottis, bennys, beekers ect where you can fix your car by yourself for a set price).

Describe how your business will engage with in-game customers. What kind of customer service roleplay can players expect? How will you handle customer feedback, complaints, and suggestions? Can you provide examples of roleplay scenarios that showcase the depth and authenticity of your business operations?:

  • As our business isn’t always needed by everyone everyday, we would like to offer a more direct and personalised approach to our service. The more convenient and comfortable we can make the customer, the more likely they will get extra features on the car but also set a high standard of service. This creates repeat customers and that is where our best interests lie.

  • Feedback, complaints and suggestions help every business grow and achieve a greater experience for all. We encouraged truth and experiences to be shared via reviews online and twitter, however if a customer wishes to follow up with and take it higher, we wish for them to email us.

  • RP scenario - a business owner has reached out to our sales team regarding a fleet of vehicles for their business requiring custom work such as resprays and decals. We would contact the client and organise a meeting time to sit down and evaluate their best options. We will organise a manager or higher to negotiate and drive the best deal for the customer providing options and variants of each potential vehicle that suits their business. If the customer is happy and signs the contract we will do a fleet delivery to the business free of charge.

Outline your strategies for marketing and advertising your business within the server. Can you propose any unique or creative in-game marketing campaigns to attract attention to your business? How do you plan to keep your business fresh and engaging for players over time? How do you plan to attract and retain customers within the roleplay environment? How do you plan to actively contribute to the server community beyond your business operations?:

  • Other than the typical adverts on twitter and billboards, a good marketing idea could be that with every car that meets certain spend, you get to spin a wheel to get possibly a small discount, free respray, and more. Could also create a few in-game items such as air fresheners and floor mats that we could include on the wheel instead of a better luck next time. Another thing we can do once the business is up and running we will offer car raffles as these typically bring in more money than the cars value.

Are there opportunities for collaboration with other in-game businesses? If yes, how do you envision these partnerships?:

  • Partnerships will be crucial to keep relevancy.

  • Partnerships can lead to referrals each way creating business for each other and providing a discount to the end user/customer. Partnerships with food venders and dealerships will be ideal as deals with companies can split the costs on raffles and giveaways. If I wish to run events and provide food and drink, I can offer a shout out and free advertising on the poster to get better deals and drop costs on running the event.

Are you aware of all server-specific rules and regulations related to in-game businesses that you need to adhere to? How will you ensure that your business operations align with both server rules and the in-game legal framework?:

  • Yes, I do

Business Development Information:

What do you believe is required from the development team for your business to operate?:

  • MLO
  • Door access
  • Vehicle customisation values
  • Vehicle customisation access to staff
  • Accessibility to spawn vehicles in the showroom as displays
  • Ability to bill people
  • Ability to hire/fire/promote staff for managers and higher

If applicable, do you have a location for the business to operate out of? Is there a custom map or default in-game location in which you’d like to use?:

  • Location i would like to request is where grottis was in 1.0 (in the central location to town and near tinsel towers

If applicable, is there a business logo you wish to use? Do you have the copyright permission to use such logo?:

  • Depending on the assets if it comes with 1 or I can create a logo to be approved.

If applicable, provide your business ranking structure with #1 being the highest job role within the business:

  • #1 Owner/Director - Jordan Paradox
    Full Access
    #2 General Manager - TBC
    Door Access - Sales - Customisation - Able To Sell Cheaper Than Our Set Bottom Margin - Able to hire and fire staff
    #3 Sales Manager - TBC
    Door Access - Sales - Customisation - Able To Sell Cheaper Than Our Set Bottom Margin - Able to hire staff
    #4 Head Mechanic - TBC
    Door Access - Sales - Customisation
    #5 Senior Mechanic - TBC
    Door Access - Sales - Customisation
    #6 Mechanic - TBC
    Door Access - Sales - Customisation
    #7 Tow Truck Driver - TBC
    Door Access - Sales - Customisation
    #8 Junior Mechanic - TBC
    Door Access - Sales - Customisation