Luxury Autos Business 2.0 Bussiness Application

Infinity Gaming 2.0 - Business Application Format

The following is a private out-of-character business application. Information contained within this business application is NOT permitted for in-character use.

Ownership Information:

Primary Owner Information (Full name, link to character biography, discord username, steam profile link):

  • Full character name: Tony Romeo
  • Character biography: Tony Romeo, a 29-year-old Australian with a passion for luxury cars, stands at the forefront of Los Santos foray into the world of high-end auto business. Born and raised in the vibrant landscapes of Australia, Tony developed a keen eye for the sleek lines and powerful engines that define the world of luxury automobiles. From a young age, Tony exhibited a friendly and outgoing demeanor, earning him a reputation as the go-to guy for anything related to cars within his social circles. His infectious, down to earth attitude makes him a joy to be around, creating an atmosphere of excitement and enthusiasm wherever he goes. Tony’s journey into the luxury car business began when he recognized a gap in the market for exclusive, top-tier vehicles within the city of Los Santos. Armed with his passion for cars and a determination to bring the best to the city, Tony set out to establish a business that would redefine the driving experience in Los Santos.
  • Discord: tonyr9869
  • Steam: Steam Community :: Tony ElArma

Business Outline & Proposal:

Provide a brief description of the in-game business you propose to open:

Luxury Autos Car Dealership:

Luxury Autos Car Dealership is a premier establishment catering to the discerning tastes of Infinity 2.0 FiveM players seeking the epitome of automotive excellence. Our dealership specializes in curating a collection of high-end and luxury vehicles from renowned in-game manufacturers, offering an unparalleled selection of vehicles that redefine sophistication and performance.

At Luxury Autos, we prioritize providing an exclusive and personalized experience for our clients. From sleek sports cars to opulent SUVs, each vehicle in our inventory is handpicked to meet the highest standards of quality and style. Our knowledgeable and professional sales team is committed to guiding players through the exciting journey of acquiring their dream vehicle, ensuring that each purchase is not just a transaction but a memorable experience.

The dealership’s luxurious showroom is designed to showcase the beauty and craftsmanship of each vehicle, creating an immersive environment for players to explore and appreciate the finest automobiles in the game. Whether you’re a seasoned car enthusiast or a player looking to make a statement on the virtual roads, Luxury Autos is the ultimate destination for those who demand nothing but the best.

Luxury Autos Car Dealership aims to become the go-to destination for luxury vehicle enthusiasts, fostering a community of like-minded players who share a passion for exceptional automotive craftsmanship. With a commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we aspire to elevate the in-game car-buying experience to new heights.

Prepare to embark on a journey of automotive luxury with Luxury Autos Car Dealership, where every drive is an expression of style, performance, and prestige.

Outline your short-term and long-term goals for the business. What are your long-term aspirations for your in-game business, and how do you see it evolving over an extended period? How will you handle challenges or periods of lower activity without compromising the quality of your roleplay? How do you anticipate your business evolving over time to stay relevant and exciting?:

  • Short-term Goals:
  1. Build a Diverse Inventory: Acquire a range of high-end vehicles to cater to different player preferences and budgets.
  2. Hire a Skilled Sales Team: Recruit knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff to provide top-notch customer service.
  3. Establish Reputation: Develop a positive reputation for Luxury Autos by delivering exceptional service and building strong customer relationships.
  4. Host Launch Events: Organize in-city events to showcase new additions to the inventory and generate excitement.

Long-term Goals:

  1. Expand Services: Introduce custom vehicle modification options to offer personalized enhancements for clients.
  2. VIP Customer Program: Implement a VIP program with exclusive perks for loyal customers, encouraging repeat business.
  3. Community Engagement: Actively participate in city-wide events, collaborate with other businesses, and sponsor in-city car shows to foster community engagement.
  4. Partner with Other Businesses: Establish partnerships with in-city businesses cross-promotions and exclusive vehicle releases.

Handling Challenges:
During periods of lower activity, the focus will shift to immersive roleplay events, limited-time promotions, and collaborations with other businesses. Implementing special offers, discounts, and unique in-city experiences will maintain player interest and drive traffic to the dealership.

Evolution Over Time:
The business will adapt to player feedback, ensuring that the dealership remains responsive to the evolving needs and desires of the in-city community. By staying attuned to emerging trends in city, Luxury Autos aims to continuously enhance the player experience, maintaining a reputation as the premier destination for luxury vehicles.

What unique roleplay aspects or services will your business offer to enhance the overall server experience? Are there any unique or innovative features you plan to introduce with your business that haven’t been explored in the server before?:

    1. Interactive Showroom Experience:
    • Innovative Feature: A virtual showroom equipped with interactive displays, allowing players to explore the details and features of each vehicle. This immersive experience goes beyond traditional menu-based browsing.
  1. Personalized Vehicle Consultations:
  • Unique Roleplay Aspect: Luxury Autos offers one-on-one consultations with specialized Luxury Car Specialists who assist players in finding the perfect vehicle based on their preferences and in-game lifestyle.
  1. VIP Customer Program:
  • Innovative Feature: An exclusive VIP program for repeat customers, offering perks such as early access to new vehicle releases, special discounts, and priority service. This creates a sense of loyalty and community within the dealership.
  1. Themed Sales Events:
  • Unique Roleplay Aspect: Luxury Autos organizes themed sales events, such as “Race Day Specials” or “Luxury SUV Week,” providing a dynamic and ever-changing inventory based on the theme.
  1. Collaborations with Business Application:
  • Innovative Feature: Partnerships with other businesses to create limited-edition collaborative vehicles. This introduces rare and exclusive models that can only be found at Luxury Autos.
  1. In-Game Financing Options:
  • Innovative Feature: Introducing a simulated financing system where players can explore in-game financing options for their desired luxury vehicles, adding an extra layer of realism to the purchasing process.
  1. Monthly Luxury Car Subscription Service:
  • Unique Roleplay Aspect: Offering a subscription service where players can experience a variety of luxury vehicles on a monthly basis, allowing them to switch between different models and explore the full range of offerings.

Describe how your business will engage with in-game customers. What kind of customer service roleplay can players expect? How will you handle customer feedback, complaints, and suggestions? Can you provide examples of roleplay scenarios that showcase the depth and authenticity of your business operations?:

  • Engagement with In-Game Customers:
  1. Personalized Greetings and Introductions:
  • Upon entering Luxury Autos, players will be personally greeted by the sales team. Roleplay scenarios will involve friendly introductions, asking about the player’s preferences, and guiding them through the showroom.
  1. Interactive Vehicle Consultations:
  • Luxury Car Specialists will engage in roleplay conversations with customers to understand their preferences, driving habits, and desired features. These interactions will simulate a personalized consultation where the player’s needs are taken into account.
  1. Test Drive Experiences:
  • Players interested in a specific vehicle will have the opportunity to embark on a test drive. The sales team will roleplay describing the vehicle’s performance, features, and unique qualities, creating an immersive experience.
  1. VIP Program Interactions:
  • Players enrolled in the VIP program will experience roleplay interactions that acknowledge their special status. This could include exclusive invitations to events, personalized messages from the dealership’s management, and priority assistance during busy times.
  1. Themed Sales Events Engagement:
  • During themed sales events, roleplay scenarios will unfold, such as staff dressed in event-themed attire, virtual banners showcasing special promotions, and dynamic conversations about the highlighted vehicles and their features.

Handling Feedback, Complaints, and Suggestions:

  1. Interactive Feedback Sessions:
  • Players will have the opportunity to provide feedback directly through roleplay interactions with the management team. This could involve virtual suggestion boxes, one-on-one discussions, or even simulated customer satisfaction surveys.
  1. Prompt Response to Complaints:
  • In the event of a complaint, the sales or management team will engage in roleplay scenarios to address the player’s concerns promptly. This could involve an apology, an explanation of corrective actions taken, and a commitment to improving the customer’s experience.
  1. Incorporating Suggestions:
  • Roleplay scenarios will showcase the implementation of player suggestions. For example, if a player suggests a new in-game feature or a specific vehicle model, the dealership can roleplay introducing these elements, showing a commitment to player input.

Roleplay Scenarios:

  1. The VIP Experience:
  • A VIP member arrives at the dealership for a routine check-up on their vehicle. The Luxury Car Specialist welcomes them by name, offers a virtual coffee, and discusses any new vehicle releases or exclusive events they might be interested in.
  1. Themed Sales Event:
  • During a “Luxury SUV Week” event, the showroom is transformed with virtual decorations. Sales representatives engage in roleplay discussions about the benefits of owning an SUV, highlighting safety features, space, and luxury amenities.
  1. Handling a Complaint:
  • A player expresses dissatisfaction with a recent purchase due to an in-game issue. The sales team engages in a roleplay scenario, apologizing for the inconvenience, offering a virtual solution, and ensuring the player leaves satisfied with the resolution.

Outline your strategies for marketing and advertising your business within the server. Can you propose any unique or creative in-game marketing campaigns to attract attention to your business? How do you plan to keep your business fresh and engaging for players over time? How do you plan to attract and retain customers within the roleplay environment? How do you plan to actively contribute to the server community beyond your business operations?:

  • Marketing and Advertising Strategies:
  1. Social Media Integration:
  • Leverage server-wide social media platforms to showcase new vehicle arrivals, promotions, and in-game events. Encourage players to share their Luxury Autos experiences on platforms like Discord, creating a buzz.
  1. Themed In-Game Events:
  • Host monthly themed events such as “Luxury Race Day” or “Midnight Madness Sales,” creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere. These events can include limited-time discounts, exclusive vehicle releases, and in-game activities.
  1. Collaborative Promotions:
  • Partner with other in-game businesses for collaborative promotions. For example, a luxury hotel could offer a special package with a Luxury Autos vehicle rental, enhancing the roleplay experience for players.
  1. Exclusive Test Drive Invitations:
  • Generate excitement by sending exclusive virtual invitations for in-game test drives to select players. This personalized approach can create anticipation and encourage players to explore the dealership.
  1. Monthly Luxury Car Subscription Service:
  • Introduce a subscription service where players can experience different luxury vehicles each month. Promote this as a unique way to regularly enjoy the finest cars in the server, creating ongoing engagement.
  1. Virtual Car Shows and Races:
  • Actively participate in and sponsor in-game car shows and races. This not only showcases the dealership’s vehicles but also contributes to the overall server community by promoting events that bring players together.
  1. Interactive In-Game Advertising:
  • Utilize in-game billboards, radio advertisements, and virtual newspapers to promote Luxury Autos. Create visually appealing and interactive advertisements that showcase the elegance and features of the vehicles.

Keeping the Business Fresh and Engaging:

  1. Frequent Inventory Updates:
  • Regularly introduce new vehicle models, ensuring that the inventory remains diverse and up-to-date. This keeps the showroom fresh and encourages repeat visits from players.
  1. Seasonal Promotions:
  • Implement seasonal promotions and discounts, aligning with real-world holidays and events. This not only keeps the business relevant but also adds a layer of realism to the in-game experience.
  1. Limited-Edition Collaborations:
  • Continuously explore collaborations with in-game luxury brands to introduce limited-edition vehicles. These exclusive releases create anticipation and a sense of exclusivity among players.

Attracting and Retaining Customers:

  1. Exceptional Customer Service:
  • Prioritize exceptional in-game customer service, offering personalized interactions, quick response times, and going above and beyond to meet player expectations.
  1. VIP Program Benefits:
  • Make the VIP program enticing by regularly adding exclusive benefits such as early access to new vehicles, private events, and personalized gifts. This encourages players to become and remain loyal customers.
  1. Interactive Loyalty Programs:
  • Implement interactive loyalty programs where players earn points for every purchase, engagement, or referral. These points can be redeemed for in-game perks, creating a gamified loyalty experience.

Community Contribution Beyond Business Operations:

  1. Sponsoring Server-Wide Events:
  • Actively sponsor and participate in server-wide events, contributing to the overall vibrancy of the community. This involvement could include sponsoring in-game races, charity events, or server anniversary celebrations.
  1. Community Giveaways and Contests:
  • Host giveaways and contests, providing opportunities for players to win virtual luxury vehicles, customization packages, or other in-game perks. This not only promotes the dealership but also fosters community engagement.
  1. Educational Workshops and Webinars:
  • Organize in-game workshops or webinars about luxury vehicles, automotive trends, and customization tips. This educational aspect contributes to the server’s knowledge base and offers value beyond standard business operations.
  1. Charity Drives and Fundraisers:
  • Organize in-game charity drives and fundraisers, encouraging players to contribute to virtual causes. This demonstrates the dealership’s commitment to social responsibility and community welfare.

Are there opportunities for collaboration with other in-game businesses? If yes, how do you envision these partnerships?:

    1. Exclusive Dining Packages:
    • Create exclusive dining packages in collaboration with high-end restaurants. Players purchasing luxury vehicles from Luxury Autos could receive virtual vouchers for special meals or discounts at partnered restaurants, enhancing the overall luxury lifestyle experience.
  1. Car Show and Food Festival Collaborations:
  • Partner with food shops to organize joint car shows and food festivals. Players attending these events can explore luxury vehicles from Luxury Autos while enjoying virtual culinary delights from the partnered food shops. This collaboration provides a diverse and engaging experience for players.
  1. Maintenance Packages:
  • Partner with mechanics to offer exclusive maintenance packages for luxury vehicle owners. Players purchasing vehicles from Luxury Autos could receive virtual vouchers for discounted or complimentary maintenance services at partnered mechanic workshops, fostering ongoing relationships.
  1. In-Game Roadside Assistance:
  • Collaborate with mechanics to provide in-game roadside assistance services. Luxury Autos could offer packages that include virtual roadside assistance for players who purchase high-end vehicles, ensuring a seamless and immersive ownership experience.

Are you aware of all server-specific rules and regulations related to in-game businesses that you need to adhere to? How will you ensure that your business operations align with both server rules and the in-game legal framework?:

  • Yes, I am I will constantly
  • Read Server Rules
  • Contact Server Administrators
  • Check for server updates regularly
  • Community Engagement
  • Roleplay Realism and Immersion
  • Legal Compliance within the Game
  • Collaboration with Server Authorities

Business Development Information:

What do you believe is required from the development team for your business to operate?:

  • I would used the Previoulsy used LUX Autos MLO and script that we have and slowly bring in new MLO and custom scripts if it is ok with the devs and server owner.

If applicable, do you have a location for the business to operate out of? Is there a custom map or default in-game location in which you’d like to use?:

  • I would like it to operate it out of the existing Luxury Autos which is near Vangalico, I might use a different map if it is approved.

If applicable, is there a business logo you wish to use? Do you have the copyright permission to use such logo?:

  • Not at the moment but I can get a logo made.

If applicable, provide your business ranking structure with #1 being the highest job role within the business:

  1. Example Role
  • Role Name:
  • Role Description:
  • (If applicable) Role Permissions (e.g. boss menu, society fund access, ability to hire employees, ability to promote or fire employees, etc.):
    • Role Name: Owner
  • Role Description: The player who owns the business and overseas all the accounts and decisions which is needs to be made.
  • (If applicable) Role Permissions (e.g. boss menu, society fund access, ability to hire employees, ability to promote or fire employees, etc.): Boss Menu, society funds access, Hiring, promoting and firing employees, Access to buy and sale vehicles to players
    • Role Name: Co-Owner
  • Role Description: The player who is second in command after the Owner
  • (If applicable) Role Permissions (e.g. boss menu, society fund access, ability to hire employees, ability to promote or fire employees, etc.): Same as the Owner.
    • Role Name: Head Manager
  • Role Description: This role is the third in charge and helps make decisions within is powers that the Owners and Co-Owners would let them to do.
  • (If applicable) Role Permissions (e.g. boss menu, society fund access, ability to hire employees, ability to promote or fire employees, etc.): Boss Menu, Hiring, promoting and firing employees, Access to buy and sale vehicles to players
    • Role Name: Business Manager
  • Role Description: This role is a business manager who looks after the employees of the business and help them with any questions of doubts if they need to. They are also allowed to make some excutive decsions within their limit.
  • (If applicable) Role Permissions (e.g. boss menu, society fund access, ability to hire employees, ability to promote or fire employees, etc.): Hiring, promoting and firing employees, Access to buy and sale vehicles to players
    • Role Name: Senior Salesperson
  • Role Description: This role is a seniority role awarded to Salespersons if they have been in the business long enough and are doing good with their sales and have returing customers ask for them.
  • (If applicable) Role Permissions (e.g. boss menu, society fund access, ability to hire employees, ability to promote or fire employees, etc.): Access to buying and selling cars.
    • Role Name: Salesperson
  • Role Description: This role is a promotion from Trainee Salesman they have to be working with the business a minimum of two weeks and have sold a certain number of cars in each week to be promoted to this position.
  • (If applicable) Role Permissions (e.g. boss menu, society fund access, ability to hire employees, ability to promote or fire employees, etc.): Access to buying and selling cars.
    • Role Name: Trainee Salesperson
  • Role Description: This role is the role where you start out with, you have to be in this role for a minimum of two weeks, while this in role each week you have to hit a target car sales for you to be considered for promotion. You achieve this role only after you have completely passed the Application process and after you have a seat in interview with a Manager.
  • (If applicable) Role Permissions (e.g. boss menu, society fund access, ability to hire employees, ability to promote or fire employees, etc.): Access to buying and selling cars.

+1 On this i remember tony being co-owner in infinity before did a very well job and will be good to get a good dealership /owner.

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Tony is a good man with great ethics. He has always put others before himself and i see he doing a very good job in the near future to supply the best of the best luxury cars to the city with top notch customer assistance you could ask for.

This isn’t his first rodeo, he’s really good at what he does and will always have a very good team of salesman by his side to ensure you will get looked after.

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(plus 1)
tony will be a great business owner and he knows how to hire the correct staff so the business is always open and not dead.



Tony is the greatest man and has always had great business sense. Creating the best atmosphere with the best customer service. He’s done all this before so he knows how to grow it and run thing how they need to be. Big up TONY!!!

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Your application is currently under review. You will receive and answer once Developers and Business Management have reviewed.

Ok, Thank you.

Look forward from hearing from you guys soon.

Thank you,
Tony Diaz( Tony ElArma, Tony Romeo)

At this stage, this application has been denied.
Please do note that the use of ChatGPT isn’t going to increase your chances but will ultimately remove your chances.

You are welcome to reapply in the future, however Luxury Auto’s will not be accepted into Infinity Gaming 2.0.

Just to add context to this, one of the reasons that we are denying this application is because we are looking for a car dealership in Paleto at this stage. There will be the option in the future for another car dealership in the city.