LegacysEnd Ban appeal

  • List of current & known previous names(s):
    Jay Kazoku

  • List of current & known previous Steam username(s):
    LegacysEnd JuiceTheBerry

  • List of current & known previous Discord username(s):
    Jay. LegacysEnd

  • Which member of Community staff issued your ban?:

  • When was your ban issued and how long has it been since the ban was issued?
    July/August 2022, 13 Months

  • What was the reason given by Community staff for your ban?:

  • Is the reason given by Community staff for your ban accurate or relevant to the situation or events that occurred?:
    Yes the reason for the ban is accurate and relevant to the situation

  • Why do you believe that you should be unbanned from our Community?:
    Given that i had played the server since December of 2021 to Mid August of 2022 until i had been banned I didn’t expect the ban at all. First, the reason for this ban was because i had “doxxed” two individuals of this community even if it wasn’t my intention in the first place, i do sincerely apologise to the people that were affected by my actions and this will never happen again in the future inside or outside of this community. Secondly i now completely understand that even if the images were posted publicly I should never had shown it to the group of individuals I had shown it to in the first place and i should have asked the permission of the peoplethat i had doxed first or never have shown it. Third, When the ban was first enforced I wasn’t expecting it considering that the ban was enforced around a month or a couple weeks after the images of the people were shown, I just thought in my head at that time that it would be ok showing what people looked like and i thought there would be no consequences behind these actions. Lastly even if i am young, it was never ok to do this at all and now i know that it was never ok to do this in the first place and also that all my actions have consequences behind it. I completely regret what i had done and all i hope is that i can go back to roleplaying. This is why i think i shjould be unbanned :slight_smile: Hope whoever is reading this has a wonderful day!

+1 free jay, he accepted his mistake and deserves second chance.

The quotation marks give them impression that you don’t believe that you doxxed someone and therefore don’t acknowledge the negative impact or severity of your actions.

I didnt mean to put the quotation marks i had written this a while back sorry about that