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Character Information

Full Name: What is your character’s full name, including any nicknames or aliases?

Kaneshiro Klay. “Shiro” or “Klay” are nicknames used.

Date Of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY)


Country Of Birth (If outside of Australia, please specify citizenship status & date of citizenship)

Japan. Australian citizenship gained in 2018

Family Tree, Heritage & Genealogy: Does your character have any family members or close relatives? If so, who are they, and what is the nature of their relationships? (Note: Any names not included within this biography unless later approved by the Federal Government will not legally be considered family members in a legal procedures, practices, etc.)

Parents & one younger sibling based in Japan. Uncle based in Australia. Father is from Australia and Mother is Japanese. He is very close to his uncle.

Education, Experience & Employment: What is your character’s level of education? Did they attend college, vocational school, or have any specialized training? What does your character do for a living? Are they employed or self-employed, and in what industry or profession? (Ensure you state all degrees, certifications, experience, current/previous employment information, etc.)

Kaneshiro recently graduated university with a double masters degree in accounting and business. He took a gap year in 2017 after high school and worked in the mines. He is currently looking for work as a fresh graduate. He also has a trade certificate in automotive engineering that he gained as part of his passion for cars and bikes.

Personality: Describe your character’s personality traits, both positive and negative. What are their strengths and weaknesses?

Kaneshiro is a very competitive person but also quite introverted which can be a blessing and a curse. It allows him to work diligently and with maximum effort at all times but it causes tensions with his friends and coworkers as sometimes he can come across as unapproachable or ‘too intense’. Once Kaneshiro is comfortable around a person he becomes a much brighter and friendly person and he often offers to help his friends with their projects in his spare time.

Hobbies and Interests: What does your character enjoy doing in their free time? Any specific hobbies, interests, or passions?

During the early days of growing up in Japan Kaneshiro was surrounded by modified cars and lots of motorsport events. Since then he has developed a love for motorsports and similar activities. He enjoys watching anime and reading manga as a way too unwind after a long day.

Goals and Ambitions: What are your character’s long-term goals and ambitions in the city? What do they hope to achieve?

Kaneshiro has goals to pursue his passion for motorsports and work in an environment that involves vehicles, as well as implementing his degrees into his work. He wants to be part of a well knit group of people who are trustworthy that he shares interests with. who can all progress in their chosen fields together as well as their shared interest.

Friends and Allies: Who are your character’s friends or allies in the city? Are there any specific groups or factions they are affiliated with?

James August. James is a dear friend of Kaneshiro’s who he met at university. They have since grown very close.

Enemies and Rivals: Does your character have any enemies or rivals, and what is the source of their conflicts?

Not at the moment. Kaneshiro has maintained a peaceful life thus far.

Criminal Record: Has your character been involved in any criminal activities in the past? If so, what kind of activities have they been involved in?

Kaneshiro has a clean criminal record as his uncle was very strict on him and voiced harsh penalties if such instances were to occur.

Personal Beliefs: What are your character’s personal beliefs, values, and ethics? Are they religious or politically inclined?

Due to being introverted Kaneshiro has distanced himself from major politics and religious conflict. But he values loyalty and transparency above all else. Kaneshiro may seem distant at first but he is a very caring person who quickly becomes a trustworthy acquaintance.

Relationships: Is your character in a romantic relationship or involved with anyone romantically? If so, who is their partner, and how did they meet?

He lives a single life in pursuit of his dreams and ambitions.

Physical Description: Describe your character’s physical appearance, including height, weight, hair colour, eye colour, and distinctive features.

Kaneshiro’s facial features are heavily influenced by his Japanese genes and his physical structure is influenced by his Australian genes. He is 180cm tall and is a toned 75kg. He has naturally black hair but has a habit of dying it, with his favorite colour being silver. Kaneshiro was diagnosed at birth with “ocular albinism” this has caused his eyes to become a feint shade of violet. Luckily he does not require glasses all the time but his sight can be sensitive to overexposure to large quantities of light.

Backstory: Provide a detailed backstory of your character, including any significant life events, turning points, or experiences that have shaped who they are.

Kaneshiro was enjoying a peaceful youth in Japan and loves his homeland very much. Once his younger sibling was born his relationship with his parents changed and they appeared to put less effort into him and focused their sole attention on his younger sibling. Anger and sadness took over as well as a fear of being abandoned. he confronted his parents about this, causing a major argument to take place between them. He had privately confided in his uncle who suggested he move to Australia and live with him which he agreed to and moved just after his 13th birthday. Unfortunately his move was not received positively by his ‘friends’ in Japan who all cut ties with him. This caused him to become more introverted and appear to be distant to other people. His exposure to the JDM community and then the AUSDM flourished into the passion he has for motorsports today. From ciruit racing to drifting to rally and everything inbetween. If its loud, fast, or stylish then Kaneshiro is interested. Kaneshiro had a girlfriend in his last two years of high school. They were very happy together but his work in the mines put too much stress on their relationship. The lengths at which he was away from home and the uncertainty of whether he would make it home took a toll on her and they ended up going their own ways after a mutual agreement that it was for the best. Since then Kaneshiro has decided that he would simply focus on his passions and studies and if a relationship were to present itself then it would have to occur naturally and it would not be an active ‘goal’ of his to obtain a romantic relationship.

Current Situation: What is your character’s current situation within the city? Are they new to the city, or have they been there for a while?

Looking for work as a post graduate. Moved to the city for university and has been here since then.

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