Joey Queen Police Application

Out-Of-Character Information

  • Steam:
  • Discord:
  • Age:
  • How long you have been apart of the Infinity Gaming Community?
    9+ Months
  • Do you have a computer that is capable of recording and back-capturing in-game video footage?
  • Do you have any experience from other communities playing a police/military character?
    Yes i CIRT officer (SGP) in BBRP Apollo Networks and iconic along side Radium and other small Servers

In-Character Information

  • What is your name?
    Joey Queen

  • What is your date of birth?

  • Tell us about yourself (minimum 2 paragraphs)
    My Name is Joey Queen i was born and raised in Australia and i have came across to This city to experience another side of Policing. I have alot of experience with policing as my father was a cop . I have been looking for a place to call home and i think this city can be that along side the police force . I have had a criminal cousin for a little bit now and ive seen how the cops operate/work and he told be about it and i like it what hes said alot so i wanted to join. I have also had some previous work experience in other citys with police.
    I am looking to go into SPG in the police force. Some reasons on why i would be a good officer both in and out of SPG is because i have skills that will help me succeeded. I have the ability’s to keep calm and take charge in stressful situations like officers being shot at or major shots fired. I can also take on board constructive criticism with ease and use that criticism to make me a better officer. I also am a fast leaner and im very observant and i may notice things that some people may not like people laying down on roof tops or people peaking small angles. I also this may not be important but im a decent shooter so i can help out officers and try and get the better/get and advantage on the suspects that are shooting at us

  • Why do you want to be a part of the New South Wales Police Force?

  • What strengths can you bring to the New South Wales Police Force? (Ex: Communication, Fast Learner)
    Communication, Fast Learner)
    Some strengths i can bring to NSWPF are that i am a good listener, i can pick up new things quickly ( fast leaner). I am good at giving advice to people not only just officers and im always around and happy to lend a helping hand no matter my rank or position within the NSWP to anyone in the NSWPF no matter their rank or position too.

  • What area of personal improvement do you believe you could work on during your career?
    I think something that i can improve on during my time in the NSWPF is my driving capabilities

  • Have you had any interactions with members of the New South Wales Police Force and if so, were those interactions positive or negative?
    I personally haven’t however my cousin has and from what hes told me they have been very positive.

  • How would you show professionalism and integrity while you are on duty?
    I would show professionalism while im on duty by being kind and respectful towards everyone in the community weather that being officers, the community ect. I will also follow all NSWPF protocols and procedures while im on duty. I will show my integrity by not changing my personality at all during the time that im in the NSWPF.

  • How would you display safe working behaviours while you are on duty?
    behaviors while you are on duty?
    I would display safe working behavious while im on duty by Doing what is asked of me no matter what rank, age, or gender the person is. I will follow all rules and regulations put in place no matter what too.

  • As part of the police application process, a criminal history and licence status check is carried out to confirm your suitability and this will be carried out prior to you being inducted as a probationary constable. Concealing information about your criminal history can result in immediate denial of your application. Have you ever received any infringement notices directly from a police officer and have you ever been arrested, had licences revoked, served a time of imprisonment or otherwise had bail conditions placed on you to be of good behaviour?
    I am not concealing any information and i have a clean record

  • Have you acquired a firearms licence and full unrestricted driver’s licence prior to submitting this application?

  • Are you willing to take orders from anyone, regardless of age or gender?

  • Do you agree to be bound by the conditions, rules and regulations set out in the Police Protocol and the law of New South Wales?
    I do

  • Do you understand that failure to abide by the Police Protocol can result in disciplinary action?
    I do

Hello Joey Queen,

I am pleased to advise that your application to the New South Wales Police Force has been ACCEPTED.

I commend you on taking the first steps toward a very rewarding career with us. Please join the official Infinity Gaming Police Discord and leave a message which includes a link/photo to your accepted application in the Field Training Office > ⁠academy-students channel and wait until a trainer makes contact with you to organize an induction training session.

Please be aware that your criminal history between the time of your application being reviewed and your entrance into the New South Wales Police Force as a Probationary Constable MUST remain free of serious criminal matters.

You are expected to maintain a high level of personal integrity throughout your career.

Before attending your induction training session, please obtain a full Driver’s License and Firearms License.


C1-11 | Frazer Hammer
Commissioner - NSW Police Force