Joey King lux autos app

Out-Of-Character Questions:
What is your steam name? Serix

What is your discord username?


How long have you been a member of the Community?

almost a year

In-Character Questions:
What is your character’s full-name?
Joey King

Do you have any previous experience working for a dealership?
I accually used to be a senior sales rep(i think i cant remember what rank) for lux

Why should we chose you over other applicants?
I have previous experiance with working at a car dealership, i am a fast learner and a good comunicator. I also love talking to people

What qualities can you bring to the team?
i can bring an experianced sales person to the team that has previous experiance. I also have a positive mindset

  1. Hi Joey King,
    Your Application is currently.

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Kind Regards,
Chris Abdullay | Luxury Autos