Joey King EMS application

Out-Of-Character Information:

Steam: Serix

Discord: Serix1234
How long have you been playing at Infinity Gaming?: 9+ Months

In-Character Information:

What is your name? Joey Prince
What is your date of birth? 30/12/2000

Tell us about yourself.
My name is joey prince i have been a Mica Paramedic before in other servers and i know how to do medical and provide good rp. I am a nice and well mannered person who loves to socialize with everyone and anyone. I am a fast leaner and a good listener. I love to get into the medical rp, and give every one a good time and provide good rp.
What have you done to prepare for a career in EMS?
I have been a Mica paramedic in apollo networks
Have you ever been arrested?
Do you have a criminal record?
Why do you want to be a part of the NSW EMS Department?
I want to save lives and help people within the community. which i have always been passionate about and i love doing. I also feel that EMS can help me talk to and meet more people which i love doing.
What qualities can you bring to the New South Wales Emergency Medical Services?
I can bring a kind and nice person with manners and a learning mindset into the EMS. I am also a hard worker and i dont procrastiate so i get things done quickly.
What would you like to see changed within the New South Wales Emergency Medical Services?
I dont know if this is possible but i would love to see response times improved, and i feel that i can help that happen

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Hello Joey, Congratulations! Your NSWA application has been:


When you’re available please join the Official Infinity Gaming EMS Discord @ (Discord), read and accept the message in “rules” and create an Induction ticket. A member of the Training team will claim the ticket and plan an Interview date with you!

Until then, go and get all the appropriate licenses (FULL Drivers Licence) & please read carefully over the (NSWA Protocol) as this contains all the relevant information and procedures that you will need to abide by. We also have a basic treatment guide available (Basic Treatment Guide) based on what kinds of injuries you will be seeing in the field and how to treat them. All our employees must also abide with our (NSWA Employee Handbook). Please review all these documents before your training session.

Also, please request to join our club on the city forms using this link. You will be accepted upon successful completion of your training.

Kind regards,

Ian Goreng

NSWA |Assistant Commissioner C3-03 | FTO Overseer

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