Jimmy Hendersons Application

Out-Of-Character Questions:
What is your steam name?


What is your discord username?


How long have you been a member of the Community?

8 months but i only resently came back from a vacay

In-Character Questions:
What is your character’s full-name?

Jimmy Henderson

Do you have any previous experience working for a dealership?

Yes i do as i have actually worked for Lux before and then got let go due to my own stupid impulses and I have also worked at Sandy Motorcycles and Sanders Motorcyles as well as worked in a Mechanic shop named Gottis so i have worked around the spreadsheet and feel pretty comfortable with it.

Why should we chose you over other applicants?

I feel that my knowledge is quite good and the work ethic i will put into lux and but not only my knowledge but my attitude towards customers and making sure that they will leave happy and satisfied with their purchase and making sure that lux stays the best car dealership in this beatuiful city

What qualities can you bring to the team?
I feel that not only can I have a laugh while making business but also make sure that the customer always feels welcome when they enter the shop and make sure that they are treated with the up most respect and treated like family at Lux

Hi Jimmy Henderson,

Your Application is currently.
----------------------------------------------------- ACCEPTED ------------------------------------------------------

Make sure to join the discord at IG | Luxury Autos and Management will get in contact with you about a Interview.

Kind Regards,
Chris Abdullay | Owner Luxury Autos