Jacxb Ban Appeal 3

  • In Game Name(s) or Most Known By Name:
    Jacob AGnas (used to be ems), Kyle Man
  • Steam Profile Link:
    Steam Community :: jacxb
  • Steam Name:
  • Discord Name:
  • Who Banned You?:
  • Length Of Ban:
    It was perm but has been reduced to 6 months
  • Reason Of The Ban:
    Racial Slur
  • Why Should We Unban You?:
    I have been playing in this city for ever a year now and there is no other city like this one. I love it so much and I have been trying to do whatever I can do to get unbanned ASAP. As you can see this is my third ban appeal and I keep on trying every time.

Now what happened on the day I got banned was that I acciedantly said the n word. I did not intent for any racial offense, discrimination or any hurt even if it was metally. I don’t not mean to say this as I was very mad becuase my jewellry store heist was a failure to people coming and shooting my tires who werent even envolved. If I get unbanned I will be so happy as I have been bored and feeling so much regrets for my actions and what I did over a month ago.

The time I got banned was Aug 25th and I have had so much time to reflect over my behaviour and get out of the angry mood. I have now been playing more servers to enhance my roleplay. One time in infinity an admin played a little joke on me where he got his mates to come and kidnap me. They all had guns and instead of getting mad and not going along I did the opposite and I put my hands up and feared for my life. We all had so much fun and I have been conmended for so much roleplay encounters

I hope you read all of this and give me another chance. I will do anything to go back to that day and fix my actions. Again i didn’t intent for anyone to get hurt or for anyone to get sad. We are all human and we all make mistakes, and we should all get a 2nd chance. Please take this into consideration.

  • Screenshot Of Ban Message:

4 bans on record, 1 warn.
Staff have voted to reduce your ban to 3 months - though due to response time to this appeal - I’ll have the ban reduced to a month and a half from today.
Please submit a ticket in a 45 days from today to be unbanned from the server.
This shall allow you to be back in the server for the launch of 2.0.