Jack Mehoff Ban Appeal

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    Jack Mehoff
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    Steam Community :: zk......
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  • Reason Of The Ban:
    Ban message does not state a reason, however I was told in a ticket it was mainly for damage multis
  • Why Should We Unban You?:

To start things off I would like to give a background on the sit that occurred leading to the ban.

I was on cayo with my friend for the black swordsman event camping in a bush. For the first 20 minutes of the event I stayed in a bush with my friend waiting for action to happen. Unfortunately for the Hamze Crime Family, they were looking for a position to land 3 of their heli’s. When they found a spot that looked good to land they happened to land quite literally on top of us.

Because of them landing on top of us i was able to pop out of the bush with the jump on them and immediately kill a stationary helicopter pilot, then proceeding to move to the left of my bush to position myself behind cover from 1 of the heli’s and was able to spray down two people that led to one of them dying (they were both within meter of each other so bullet spread from recoil hit both of them).

From the kill i was able to run back behind my bush to reload, and as soon as I reloaded i re-peaked that same guy i already had damaged and finished off the kill. I was immediately pushed after this from my side which lead to me switching my focus onto this person which led to us trading kills on eachother.

The problem that has arisen from this according to the gov that were involved, was that they were sent clips of this fight which showed people dying “quicker than normal” therefore leading to the damage multi accusations. To put on the record for the purpose of understanding, Trav stated in my ticket “you killed 4 people in 14 seconds an all 4 people were full Hp an had Rune Platebody applied”.

As this was a loaded statement that shows proof that I am being accused of damage multi’s, i decided to dive deep into explaining every exact detail of the fight.

I stated:
"First of all, im unsure if you are aware but they landed their helis quite literally on top of us unaware that we were there.
Second of all the first kill i got was on a stationary heli pilot that could not shoot back.
The two kills that followed from that were both stacked ontop of eachother and it was from 20m away as i said earlier so it was a simple spray down, hide for a second then repeak (not to mention they were in the open and i was behind cover of bushes.
And the last kill was the trade i had where we killed each other (was also less than 20m away.) I dont understand how killing 4 people is such an unachievable inhuman like ability considering all factors presented.

  • 1 person was sitting still (Free kill, shouldnt even count)
  • 2 people were practically holding each others hands and i was able to kill one hide behind cover then repeak the other
  • And the last guy traded with me

You may still say, but this was all done in 14 seconds. This was a fight where they quite literally as i stated landed on top of us , meaning we 1, had the jump on them, 2, they were less than 20m away. And in my personal opinion if you are taking any longer than 3-6 seconds to kill someone who is quite literally in your face, then i hate to say it shooting isnt for you.

It is not my intention for this to come across as rude, however i am just trying to explain this in enough thorough detail as you guys don’t do pc checks which would clear my name in less than 5 minutes. @Trav・Administrator @Mitch・Senior Moderator"

As seen in the bottom of that reply i mention a pc check, which to my understanding now you don’t infact do. The reason i stated a pc check is because as soon as i was banned i opened a ticket asking why i was banned (as there was no reason in ban message).

I was then sent a message from Mitch saying that they have come to the conclusion that im using damage multi’s. I then instantly reply with saying that, he has to be “lying” and immediately followed with “pc check me” (unaware that you didnt do them).

The reason I asked for a pc check is because it scans all files on your computer for any form of malware or software that is classified as “cheats” or “hacks” and even malicious files.

I was then asked by Mitch to provide “clips of your side” and was told “everyone in fivem clips kills on cayo”. I replied to this with the following.

“As i stated before, i only clip things that contain things that would get someone banned (combat logging etc). The reason i dont clip everything i do is because my pc simply doesnt have enough storage for random clips i get 24/7 and i dont see the need in clipping random stuff.
To answer your comment of everyone clipping kills on cayo. IG is not the only city i play, the majority of cities i play are on the frag heavy side so i dont necessarily get a high enough of an adrenaline rush to clip things to show to my friends. I can understand where you are coming from as IG is a city where it is more heavy on the serious roleplay which is why i love flying to play IG for a change here and there, meaning that shootouts and fights are on the more uncommon side meaning people are wanting to clip their shootouts to show people or make montages. But the simple answer is i dont care enough about kills to clip them and show my mates because shooting isnt out of the ordinary for myself or any of them.”

From my understanding of what has been transcribed to me, is that Gov was shown clips that appeared “suspicious” and no further discussion or investigation was required as i was banned while still dead on cayo.

As mentioned earlier I asked for a pc check. As I do not have a clip of this sit I am begging you to make an acceptation this 1 time and pc check me. Yes i understand you do not pc check however in doing so it will be able to clear my name instantly as well as prove to you guys I am not doing any wrong doing.

Thank you for taking the time to read this appeal and i hope to be able to fly into the city i love again. :heart:

side note: I asked in my ticket if you can check logs to see how many times and where i hit a person in a kill to prove im not using multi’s, but didn’t receive a response. Just adding this incase it is an option to prove im not in the wrong.

If there are any further questions from anyone at all feel free to leave a comment to be answered.

  • Screenshot Of Ban Message:

Good Afternoon, @zyz

It was decided that your ban appeal shall be,


Please feel free to re-appeal in two weeks’ time.

Two weeks from today is the DATE: 22/09/23

[The entire staff team except for myself votes on Ban Appeals, please refrain from DM’ing me on Discord as this will look worse for your next Ban Appeal]


Harambe | Community Manager

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