It wasn't even me that violated the rules

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  • It seems that my ban is due to the actions of someone else which doesn’t make sense at all. I haven’t played the sever in several months and decided to load it up tonight but I was surprised by a ban message. The ban states that I’ve been banned because one of the licenses on my account is linked so someone who got banned. I have not shared passwords or information with anyone and am confused as to why I am banned in the first place, it wasn’t even me who violated the rules. I’ve been apart of the server for multiple years and have spent money on memberships etc, why would I want to make such a waste. If I could be informed with some more information than a merged license that would be good. :


Good Afternoon, @Towner

It was decided that your ban appeal shall be,


Please feel free to re-appeal in two weeks’ time.

Two weeks from today is the DATE: 22/09/23

[The entire staff team except for myself votes on Ban Appeals, please refrain from DM’ing me on Discord as this will look worse for your next Ban Appeal]


Harambe | Community Manager