Incorrectly banned Jordan Bronx

  • **In Game Name(s) or Most Known By Name: Jordan Bronx

  • Steam Profile Link:[] Steam Community :: Bronx

  • **Steam Name: Bronx

  • **Discord Name: Bronx

  • **Who Banned You?: Harambe

  • **Length Of Ban: 6 Days

  • **Reason Of The Ban: RDM

  • **Why Should We Unban You?: never RDM anyone, i was with charlie (member of staff) and was gunned down from accross the street by someone i had no interactions with. they ran and gunned down another mate of mine then logged out before Charlie got to them. i have no clue to why i log back in and i am now banned for RDM

  • **Screenshot Of Ban Message:

already unbanned and taken off of profile <3