Hunter Giovanni's UwU Job Application

Out Of Character | Information
Steam Name and URL: JOKER (Steam Community :: JOKER)

Your Discord Name: Hunterak

How long have been in Infinity city? 6 Months

Have you had any Warnings or Bans by Staff? No

Have you read and understand Infinity Gaming Community Rules and Guidelines? Yes

In Character | Information
Characters Full Name?:
Hunter Giovanni

Date Of Birth: 23/09/2000

Phone Number: 0460485839

Do you have a current Drivers Licence? Yes.

Do you have a criminal Record?: no

Why do you want to work with us at Uwu Cat Café? To feed the people of the city as personally i dont see many places open while im in city and just want to give people more options for the night time too, and to learn something new and to meet new people.

How available are you to work? Most nights
5pm-11pm weekdays and 2pm-11pm Saturdays and 12pm-11pm sundays

What strengths can you bring to the business? More business to the shop and a place for people to safely hang out anytime of the day and night and to get some great food.

What qualities are you looking to improve? Self qualities and being able to talk to more people.

Do you have any prior experience with customer service? If so, please provide an example. worked as a mechanic in other citys and always wanted to work at a food place for the experience and meeting new people.
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