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Infinity Gaming 2.0 - Character Biography

The following is a private out-of-character biography. Information contained within this biography is NOT permitted for in-character use.
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Character Information

Full Name: What is your character’s full name, including any nicknames or aliases?

  • Henry Suraya

Date Of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY)

  • 22/09/2000

Country Of Birth (If outside of Australia or the state of San Andreas, please specify citizenship status & date of citizenship to Australia and the state of San Andreas.)

  • Poland, and is citizen of Australia on 13/03/2013

Family Tree, Heritage & Genealogy: Does your character have any family members or close relatives? If so, who are they, and what is the nature of their relationships? (Note: Any names not included within this biography unless later approved by the Federal Government will not legally be considered family members in a legal procedures, practices, etc.) (Min: 25 words per person)

  • No close relatives to Henry Suraya

Education, Experience & Employment: What is your character’s level of education? Did they attend college, vocational school, or have any specialized training? What does your character do for a living? Are they employed or self-employed, and in what industry or profession? (Ensure you state all degrees, certifications, experience, current/previous employment information, etc.) (Min: 75 words)

  • Self-employed for myself and started a few side hustles at school selling contraband (Vapes, Drugs & Homemade shanks). Attended high-school and dropped out after finishing year 10 to be a part of a Mafia organisation. He has lots of experience in organised crime and is very intelligent when planning crimes. He doesn’t have any job and provides for himself by stealing and selling illegal goods. Henry is planning of expanding his crime business by finding other partners to work with and to potentially start a crime group

Personality: Describe your character’s personality traits, both positive and negative. What are their strengths and weaknesses?

  • Positive - Clever and works well under pressure. Got really good entrepreneurial skills from selling contraband in school and is very sneaky. Works well in a team and is very driven.

  • Negative - Can become very frustrated in situations and has a short temper. Can become violent and aggressive.

Hobbies and Interests: What does your character enjoy doing in their free time? Any specific hobbies, interests, or passions? (Min: 50 words)

  • Loves going to the gym and is very sporty. Has a huge passion for sports and love running which helps with escaping from police or attackers. Has a passion for kickboxing and fighting from his culture in Poland.

Goals and Ambitions: What are your character’s long-term goals and ambitions in the city? What do they hope to achieve? (Min: 75 words)

  • Henry Suraya is hoping to achieve success through a mafia or from starting his own mafia organisation. He is hoping to become a drug lord and be heavily wanted throughout the city by the police and other mafia organisations. He is very driven to expand his crime spree. Henry has a goal of expanding his networking and having allies which can assist and help him and his passion for crime. His goal is to be well known in the drug dealing industry and be one of the biggest suppliers in that industry. Henry is also hoping to expand and move into the weapons industry and supply weapons for himself and other customers

Friends and Allies: Who are your character’s friends or allies in the city? Are there any specific groups or factions they are affiliated with? (Min: 25 words per person/group if applicable)

  • Kayne Aziz. Met through selling contraband and exchanged contact information with each other.

Enemies and Rivals: Does your character have any enemies or rivals, and what is the source of their conflicts? (Min: 50 words per person or group if applicable)

  • NONE

Criminal Record: Has your character been involved in any criminal activities in the past? If so, what kind of activities have they been involved in? (Min: 50 words if applicable)

  • Henry Suraya has been involved in many crime activities, however he has only been caught on a few occasions. He has been caught with theft and carrying illegal substances on person.

Personal Beliefs: What are your character’s personal beliefs, values, morals and ethics? Are they religious or politically inclined? (Min: 50 words)

  • Henry Suraya is heavily against the government and has lots of hate towards the Police Force. Henry beliefs that he must fight against the government and do what’s right for the people. He does everything he can to avoid paying taxes and other fees from the government.

Relationships: Is your character in a romantic relationship or involved with anyone romantically? If so, who is their partner, and how did they meet? (Min: 50 words if applicable)

  • NONE

Physical Description: Describe your character’s physical appearance, including height, weight, hair colour, eye colour, and distinctive features. (Min: 50 words)

  • Henry Suraya is 6’2 and is brunette with blue eyes. He has a thick moustache and a short beard. He is tanned and is muscly from training and going to the gym. He weighs 95kg and most of it is from muscle.

Backstory: Provide a detailed backstory of your character, including any significant life events, turning points, or experiences that have shaped who they are. (Min: 100 words)

  • He was born in Poland and moved to Australia at a very young age. He began his side hustles as soon as he started high school and he decided to pursue these side hustles. He ran away from home and now rents his own apartment in the city so his parents don’t know that he is involved in crime. Henry grew an interest in crime when he started high-school and was bullied in Year 7. His anger grew which made him want to retaliate against his bullies. He started to sell illegal substances and homemade shanks to earn money so he could pay a group of thugs to jump his bullies and to steal all their valuables.

Current Situation: What is your character’s current situation within the state of San Andreas? Are they new to the state, or have they been there for a while? (Min: 50 words)

  • Henry has been in the state for many years and is very familiar with the city. Henry has started to expand his business and receives more customers for the contraband he supplies. He wishes to further expand and possibly supply to more customers and organisations. Henry is wanting to buy a new warehouse to start growing his own drugs and to store his weapons and other valuables. He is saving up money from his sales to buy the new warehouse and he’s also looking for people to join his drug hustle

Hi Henry

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-Back story
-Current situation

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