Harwick Towing Business Application

Thank-you for your consideration of my application. To see the complete submission please navigate to this page:

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Honestly brings some of the best RP to the city, I’m sure he could make this place a great thing! +1 for sure


I have known Max for many many years and have been roleplaying together in this city for a long time. One thing I can definitely vouch for is his quality and care for Storytelling and Roleplay.

I can say Max will go above and beyond to create fun roleplay for others, bring variety to the city and commit to his “Hard Yakka” character. :articulated_lorry: :+1:

This is a big +1 from me.

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Dear Stratozphere,

After a staff vote on this business application, we are pleased to inform you that it has been approved. Please make a ticket and @ me.

Thanks Top_Gun, I created a ticket (29544) in business support, but can’t see a way to tag you? Let me know if I need to create another ticket?

@ Top_Gun in ig main discord