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Frederick Cobbs

Date Of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY)

  • 14/09/1985

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San Andreas

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Cobbs doesn’t have any know relatives.

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Cobbs studies and finished year 12, he then went and studied at the Local Police Academy. Cobbs graduated 18th in his class and moved to San Andreas where he under took more Police training and has graduated all courses. He is now employed within the Law enforcement sectors of San Andreas, Cobbs has had a lot of experience in the Law enforcement/ Highway Patrol sector over the years and is looking to join the main PD of San Andreas.

Personality: Describe your character’s personality traits, both positive and negative. What are their strengths and weaknesses?

Cobbs is a passionate person about his job, he has a lot of patience but also has the drive to make San Andreas a safer city. He has a weakness of dealing with gang related shit. Cobbs wont put up with liars or gang trash who think they are smarter than the PD. Cobbs has great strengths when it comes to investigations and interrogations, always managing to get the information he needs to complete the case. Cobbs has a great ability to obtain any information he needs through any means necessary.

Hobbies and Interests: What does your character enjoy doing in their free time? Any specific hobbies, interests, or passions? (Min: 50 words)

Cobbs’s hobbies entail serving justice, spending his pay check at the casino, Cobbs can also be caught fishing in his off time. Cobbs like training in the HWY Patrol to become one of the best Police interceptors around San Andreas and help shut down illegal street racing.

Goals and Ambitions: What are your character’s long-term goals and ambitions in the city? What do they hope to achieve? (Min: 75 words)

Cobbs goals are join the San Andreas PD and to work his way to the Undercover division, Cobbs would love to see the city being crime free. Cobbs would like to see himself rise to the rank of inspector throughout his time in the San Andreas PD and he will endeavor to do what’s needed to achieve his goals.

Friends and Allies: Who are your character’s friends or allies in the city? Are there any specific groups or factions they are affiliated with? (Min: 25 words per person/group if applicable)

Cobbs has mainly being a loner for a while but has made a few friends throughout the years. While none of these are important friends who would be considered close. Cobbs has befriended his old HWY officers who have sense left the force and now Cobbs needs to carry on their legacy.

Enemies and Rivals: Does your character have any enemies or rivals, and what is the source of their conflicts? (Min: 50 words per person or group if applicable)

Any Org or criminal members.

Criminal Record: Has your character been involved in any criminal activities in the past? If so, what kind of activities have they been involved in? (Min: 50 words if applicable)


Personal Beliefs: What are your character’s personal beliefs, values, morals and ethics? Are they religious or politically inclined? (Min: 50 words)

To stop crime and create a safer city. Cobbs isn’t religious in any means but does believe in a good morality and law in order. Cobbs has a very strong moral and strives to create a safer city that everyone would be accepted. Cobbs doesn’t succumb to the normality of religion and has no time to take on such beliefs.

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Cobbs is 6.2 with a dashing smile, sleek black hair and is a solid build. He has blue eyes and a really sexy voice.

Backstory: Provide a detailed backstory of your character, including any significant life events, turning points, or experiences that have shaped who they are. (Min: 100 words)

Cobbs moved around San Andreas while in his younger years while learning how to shoot and working his younger years. Once cobbs got enough money together he bought a small home in a small town. He then joined his local PD as a student onlooker and work experience. He immediately fell in love with the work and sent himself to the local police academy. Cobbs then graduated 18th in his class and strived to be better and took more training and always endeavored to be the best cop.

Current Situation: What is your character’s current situation within the state of San Andreas? Are they new to the state, or have they been there for a while? (Min: 50 words)

Cobbs has been in San Andreas for a while. He is looking to join the PD and move his way up the ranks to create a crime free city. He has a good base and has started to meet some people and has started to make some good friends.

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