Freddys/AusEvos satff app

  • Username:

    • AusEvo
  • Steam profile link:

  • Discord:

    • AusEvo
  • Age (Min 16):

  • Do you have any active warning or previous bans?

    • No
  • Do you have a problem with any of our current staff members?

    • None at all, all have been super helpful!
  • How long have you been a part of our community & played on our FiveM server?

    • Close to a year now!
  • Have you maintained a staff position in another Community?

    • No I have not.
  • How known are you on a scale of 1-10?

    • Id like to think 7 or 8.
  • Do you believe you’re able to deal with individuals such as Friend, Org Members & Staff Members etc in a completely unbiased manner?

    • Yes I am, I think like any job where you’re in a management position you need to treat everyone as equals and look at both sides of a situation before you make any calls, then act appropriately. As someone that has done this, I learnt that as long as you make sure you’re getting the whole story, and then communicate what you’re doing and why, people will tend to understand the actions you make.
  • Why do you think you should become a staff member?

    • The want to become staff comes from the fun I have in the city. I want to be able to help others experience this by doing my best to keep the city running smoothly. Ive seen some great staff do awesome things helping others, and I wanna make sure I can do that too.
      It also comes from the love I have for interacting with everyone, I don’t have a problem with anyone in the city and also do my best to make every feel welcome in the city and find a way I can help them have the most fun.
  • Why should you be chosen over other candidates?

    • I understand the rules, and I understand how to communicate with people. Having those two together makes things a lot easier when dealing with serious problems. I also like to get both sides of the story before making any rash decisions. Given the opportunity, Id make sure I fulfil my duties properly and make sure people understand why I made the decision I did.
  • How available are you to do staffing duties throughout the week and what is your availability?

    • I’m usually on Monday night, Wednesday night, Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. So I’m pretty available to staff a lot of the time.
  • Do you understand that as a staff member, you are not above and or better than anyone else in roleplay and within the Community?

    • I understand that I am not above anyone, my sole job is to help the community feel safe and allow people to RP. I also dont think Im better than anyone. If given the role as a staff member Id consider myself lucky, and I already have high standards for myself, so Id have even higher standards for myself
  • Do you understand that as a Staff Member, you will be looked upon in the Community as a role-model & you are at all times to be setting an example for newer and current players within the server whether it’s IC or OOC?

    • I do understand as it’s something I already strive to do. I love IG and if I can help make it better I will. I won’t lie and say I’m perfect but I do my best to get better each day, and will strive to make sure I set a standard that is respected and allows the city to run smoothly.
  • Do you also understand, you are NOT to use powers to benefit yourself or your peers in any way, shape or form?

    • I do understand this. Being a staff member is a privilege and it’s one I would not take for granted. Being a staff member you get given a level of trust for the peers and the people in the city, breaking that trust is not only wrong but could be detrimental to ruining the roleplay for others.
  • List at least five rulebreaches, give an example of the rulebreach and explain the punishment that you believe should be given.

  1. Verbal or text racism/hate speech and the like – pretty self-explanatory what this rule breach would be.

  2. Random Death Match (RDM) - killing someone without any intent to roleplay, with no reasoning behind killing the person. Not “verballing declaring”. Punishment would be based on the player’s history, along with the situation. I would ensure the person understood the RDM rule, if it was the first offence I would give them a warning, but should it occur after a warning then a 7-day to the permanent ban would be given, depending on history and the situation.

  3. Combat Logging - Combat logging is where a player will log out of the server during hostile RP or while being in police custody or trying to log out while in a pursuit to avoid being detained -Punishment- Again first thing I would do is check the player’s record for a first offence I would issue a warning for a second offence I would issue a 1-day ban and finally for a third I would issue a 3-day ban.

  4. Fail roleplay -Failing to RP out an interaction ongoing or not initiating in RP before acting. Flying a helicopter 12 feet above the road isn’t realistic. Many more things apply to this rule. First offence: warn, Second offence: kick, third offence:

5hr 5) META-Gaming Explanation: Using out of character information to help you in-character: First offence warning, Second offence depending the severity of the offence

  • If any, what level of understanding do you have of txAdmin? Have you used it previously?

    • I do have basic knowledge of it. I understand it helps manage the server in a multitude of ways.
  • A user is RDMing and insulting other users. You are the only staff available to deal with the situation. What do you do?

    • Really depends on if this is his first offence. If it was, I’d issue a warning and tell him to re-read the rules when they get the chance. If it was the second time I’d see the severity and the history of the person It would be a 7 day ban to a permanent dependent on what I see in history/severity.
  • There is a large gathering of players in Legion Square. A user decided to drive his phantom straight into Legion Square and run over as many players as possible. What rules have been broken and how do you deal with the situation?

No intent to role play.

I would firstly check the person’s history and playtime to figure out why they’d do this. I’d then TP to the situation and drag him away and get his story and get an understanding why he thought what he did was ok. I would then explain the rules that he broke, those being above, and ask him why he thought it was ok. Depending on his attitude, history and playtime I’d make a decision.

  • A user has threatened to DDOS and take down the server. What do you do? Who would you contact?

    • Perma ban them instantly. Then contact admin+ to tell them what happened and give them the IDs of the person
  • There is an Admin that keeps giving people weapons and items (When he is not supposed to), What do you do? Who would you contact?

    • I’d try my best to get as much proof as possible as I dont want to be throwing false accusations towards anyone. I’d then contact admin+ and make sure that it gets sorted out by the right people.
  • A user has joined the server and started to spam racial slurs over OOC and voice communication, how would you handle the situation?

    • I’d turn off OOC chat so no more could be said. I’d then perma ban for no intent to roleplay and racism. I’d clear OOC and then issue an apology to the server before turning OOC back on.
  • A user has reported a “troll” has been Mass VDMing but they have no footage or other valid evidence, You have been given an ID, What can you possibly do to determine if these claims are true without footage?

    • I’d explain without any evidence I can’t just ban someone. I’d then go into god mode and follow the user around to see how they are behaving. If I do see them doing something wrong I’d grab them and ask them why they’re doing that stuff, depending on history, playtime and attitude I’d make a decision on a warning or a ban.
  • 'Bradley’ has just been in a pursuit with police, his vehicle contains drugs and illegal weapons. At some point Bradley crashed his vehicle during pursuit, stole a road-bike and evaded police up a mountain/offroad. Police have now seized the vehicle left behind. 5 minutes later, police notice items being removed from the vehicle. Bradley has gone to impound and is now offloading the contents of the vehicle. What rules have been broken(if any)? How would you proceed to handle the situation?
    He would be powergaming and exploiting.

I’d confirm that Bradley was indeed doing this then TP to him and that by pulling the same car out of impound is a form of both powergaming and exploiting due to the fact his vehicle was seized by police, therefore he should not have access to the car at this point in time. Depending if this was a first-time offence Id give him a warning, If not I’d issue 2 weeks or longer if he had been banned before(would talk with other staff before making this call). Id then take all the items and return them to the police before DVing the vehicle at impound.

  • ‘Marilyn’ is a devious criminal of the underworld, constantly wanted by police and committing heinous acts of crime! During a situation, Marilyn acquires herself weapons from a police officers body. After equipping the 2-handed weapon at a car boot, Marilyn holds the weapon in her hand, then pulls her phone out and puts it away. Marilyn then carries on about her business. Shortly after, Marilyn gets arrested by police, put in hand-cuffs and taken to the station. While being taken to the cells, Marilyn decides to tackle officers, and run away on foot, eventually stealing a civilian vehicle. During this high speed pursuit down the highway, a police officer intentionally drives down the oncoming lane and has a head on collision with Marilyn, leading to her death because she was not wearing a seatbelt. What rules have been broken(if any)? How would you proceed to handle the situation?

Marilyn - Powergaming, exploiting.
She used an ingame mechanic to hide the two hander on her, She powergamed by tackling and stealing a vehicle whilst in cuffs. Having broken a couple of rules I’d issue a 1-2 week ban, if this wasn’t the first time I’d speak with other staff and find out if a longer ban should be issued.

Police Officer - Fail Fear and Failed driving RP
The officer was driving on the wrong sde of the road with the intention to hit her which is not something a NSWPF officer would realistically do. Not only is that fail-driving RP but it’s also a fail fear for life on his end. I’d explain what he did was wrong as well as the rules. I’d give them a warming if it was first time offence, if not Id issue a 3 day ban as he had broken 2 rules.

Any further comments: Hi, back again, thanks for taking your time to read this. I appreciate and wish you all a good day! Any feedback is welcome and will be taken on board!


+1 I’ve talked with freddy and it seems like he would make a good fit to the team even better than me ahah he is very professional and confident