Forced Erp and Homosexual Slurs

  • List of current & known previous names(s):
    Tixcie Arevir

  • List of current & known previous Steam username(s):

  • List of current & known previous Discord username(s):

  • Which member of Community staff issued your ban?:
    Don burtron

  • When was your ban issued and how long has it been since the ban was issued?

  • What was the reason given by Community staff for your ban?:
    Forced Erp and Homosexual Slurs

  • Is the reason given by Community staff for your ban accurate or relevant to the situation or events that occurred?:
    It was accurate

  • Why do you believe that you should be unbanned from our Community?:
    I know my actions were very serious and never should have happened, I really am sorry to the people I hurt and offended. But please if you unban me, I will commit to a positive change and show that I’m willing to learn from mistakes and do better in the future. And I am sorry again for what I did last night.

Tixcie is a something legit grinds still and likes to have fun i believe he deserves a opportunity to redeem himself and learn from the mistake

I’ve known Tixcie for a long time and started out in IG with him, I believe he is truly sorry for his actions and he deserves a second chance everybody deserves a second chance. What happened that night shouldn’t have happened at all I don’t know what he was thinking but I know one thing for sure is that He knows how stupid what he did was,

I know he would do anything to get a second chance to come back and I truly believe he will have a positive change if he was to come back, the fact that he owned up to what he did and he is apologizing to those that he hurt shows a change already.

When I first started playing I had no idea what to do and how to play the game, fortunately Tixie helped me out with the basics and show me the ropes and was obsessed with the game because of him. Without Tixie I probably would’ve quit within the first week. I stopped playing for a long time but when I tried to get back in the game he showed me new things added into the game. He plays everyday and has a love for this game, he’s a long lasting player on this server and also a chill person to hang out with and I made plenty of memories with him, get this guy unbanned.

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