Forced Erp And Homosexual Slurs 2

  • In Game Name(s) or Most Known By Name:
    Tixcie Alameddine Master Mendez Arevir
  • Steam Profile Link:
    Steam Community :: .tixc
  • Steam Name:
  • Discord Name:
  • Who Banned You?:
    Don Burtron
  • Length Of Ban:
  • Reason Of The Ban:
    Forced Erp And Homosexual Slurs
  • Why Should We Unban You?:

I wanna start off my appeal by apologising to the person I mistreated and for the hateful word I used. I have never done anything so dumb and I dont know why I did it. I don’t expect to be forgiven but I really am sorry. My ban was 100% deserved, it was disgusting and really really really stupid of me to behave like that. There’s no excuse for it at all, at the time this all happened I honestly wasn’t thinking. I know there’s a very small chance of me being unbanned, but I want to at least try. Infinity Gaming is the first server I played, I have really good memories there and met really good people that became friends.

I also wanna say sorry to vyve for behaving like this in your server. I really do enjoy roleplaying in infinity and I promise nothing like this will ever happen again. I know I didnt show it with what I did and said, but I really do like being apart of the server. Please give me a second chance, you might think I dont deserve it and you might be right but please let me prove that these arent just words and that I can live up to my word.

Thank you for reading this

  • Screenshot Of Ban Message: